Immunity can be weakened due to constant constipation, these are serious damages to health


Side Effects of Constipation: Most of the people are troubled by the problem of constipation. When one has the problem of constipation, the body is unable to expel the waste or waste material. Sometimes constipation lasts for a day or two and then gets better. This is quite common, which many people face. At the same time, some people have the problem of chronic constipation or constipation. This is a serious problem of constipation, which lasts for a long time. In chronic constipation, bowel movements are greatly reduced, which lasts for several weeks or more. When someone has less than three bowel movements in a week, then it is called constipation problem. Let us know, what can be the negative effect on the body due to chronic constipation.


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symptoms of constipation

  • hardening of stool
  • bowel movements less than three times a week
  • having lumpy or hard stools
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  • straining during bowel movements
  • Feeling as if there is a blockage in the rectum, which prevents bowel movements
  • Feeling that the stool has not been emptied from the rectum
  • applying pressure to the abdomen with hands while passing bowel movements

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Constipation side effects on the body

feeling tired According to a report published in, being constipated can make you feel tired. The dysbiosis caused by constipation increases the fermentation of carbohydrates and the production of various gases, including the smelly hydrogen sulfide. This causes dysfunction of the mitochondria. It creates energy within the cells. Due to this there is a lack of energy in the body and you feel tired.


Constipation can lead to weight gain
If you have frequent constipation problems, it can also lead to weight gain. When you have a bowel movement, there is also a hormone imbalance in the body. In particular, having an imbalance related to estrogen has been linked to obesity in people.

damage to the skin
The skin is also damaged due to the toxicity associated with constipation. This can increase the problem of acne and skin breakouts. This occurs when toxins and waste materials are absorbed back into the bloodstream through the colon, instead of being eliminated. These toxins from the bloodstream can be flushed out through the skin, the body’s largest detoxification organ. Another mechanism by which constipation can affect the skin is a change in the gut bacteria.

immunity is weak
Our intestinal flora is responsible for most of the body’s immune response, which includes the removal of waste cells, viruses, bacteria and cancer cells. Since the intestinal flora or bacteria gets damaged due to constipation, it also has an effect on the immune system. Constipation causes toxic build-up and inflammation, affecting immunity. It can also lead to urinary tract infection (UTI).

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