India-China Dispute: Dragon again made a nefarious move, the second bridge being built in Pangong Tso, Ladakh


India-China Border Dispute: The border dispute between India and China is not hidden from anyone. China has been claiming thousands of kilometers of India. This controversy seems to be deepening. According to open source intelligence, Detrasfa (“Damin Simon”), China is building a second bridge over Pangong-Tso Lake, capable of carrying armored vehicles across the strategic LAC area. Detrasfa has also released its satellite image. This bridge is being built in exactly the same way as the earlier one.


Bridge built within three weeks

According to information received from sources, China is using the first bridge to deploy its crane and bring other construction equipment. The new bridge, right next to it, is bigger and wider than the one built in April this year. According to the information, the construction work of this bridge was completed by China within less than three weeks. Let us tell you that the new bridge is being built simultaneously from both the sides.


Let us tell you that the 135 km long Pangong Tyo which is a landlocked lake. Pangong Lake which is partly in Ladakh and Tibet. Due to which tension arose between India and China in May 2020. According to defense experts, the second bridge being built earlier by China on Pangong Tso Lake is bigger and wider in size than the earlier one. Which clearly means that China is planning to rapidly include not only soldiers and vehicles but also armored columns from this bridge. Whereas in the earlier bridge only soldiers and light vehicles could be carried.

Let us tell you that China is not doing this for the first time. Even before this, China has been increasing rail, road and air connectivity across the border. Not only this, China has also established villages near the border. Along with this, 5G mobile networks have also been prepared there.

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