Indian Embassy In Kyiv: Indian Embassy to resume operations in Kyiv from May 17


Indian Embassy: India has decided to resume the functioning of its embassy in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv. The Indian Embassy will start functioning from March 17. Due to the Russo-Ukraine War, the services of the Indian Embassy were being operated from Warsaw, the capital of Poland. India had earlier shifted its embassy from Kyiv to Lviv on 28 February. At the same time, on March 13, 2022, the staff of the Indian Embassy in Ukraine were instructed to operate from Poland.

Sharing official information on Friday, the Ministry of External Affairs said that the Embassy of India in Ukraine will resume its work in Kyiv from May 17. India was not the only country to move its embassy out of Ukraine amid the war crisis. Many countries including America, Britain had shifted their embassies even earlier. However, in the past, after several leaders including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US Defense and Foreign Ministers visited Kyiv, Western countries decided to restore the functioning of their embassy in Kyiv.


The TV tower near the Indian embassy was targeted
It is important that the TV tower which was targeted in a missile attack on March 1 in Kyiv is located very close to the Indian Embassy building. It was a matter of relief that even before this the Indian Embassy had shifted its work out of Kyiv. At the same time, according to sources, it has been decided to reopen the embassy in Kyiv only after the prescribed process of security assessment.


PM Modi and Joe Biden to meet in Tokyo
The direct message of maintaining the embassy in Kyiv is also to show confidence and support for Ukraine. The decision to start the functioning of the Indian Embassy in Ukraine is also being seen as an exercise to send a message to the decision of the Indian government ahead of the Quad countries meeting to be held in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister in Tokyo Narendra Modi There should also be a meeting between Keep in mind that the Quad country is openly against Russia on Ukraine. On the other hand, India is a supporter of the fact that instead of sanctions, solutions should be found through diplomacy.

Russia-Ukraine crisis should end vengeance: India
Due to security concerns in the event of war, it had evacuated its diplomats and staff first from Kyiv and then from Ukraine itself. Even though the work of the Indian embassy in Ukraine came to be shifted. While the Indian embassy in Russia’s capital Moscow has been working continuously. On the issue of Russia-Ukraine crisis, India is constantly saying that the cycle of violence and retaliation in Ukraine should end. At the same time, efforts should be made to stop the conflict and find a way out through peaceful dialogue and diplomacy.

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