India’s fertility rate decreased, more children still being born in these states


National Family Health: In the National Family Health Survey, there has been a tremendous decrease in the speed of India’s population. According to the report of the National Family Health Survey, the rate of child birth in the country has come down from 2.2% to 2%. The survey found 35 percent of men who believe that it is women’s job to adopt contraception.


Actually, this survey was carried out with 6.37 lakh samples from 707 districts of 28 states and 8 union territories of India. In the report, most of the men of Chandigarh believe that it is a woman’s job to adopt contraception. Men need not worry in this matter. Let us tell you, 69% of the men of Chandigarh believe so. 44.1 percent of people in Kerala say that women who use contraception can be free. At the same time, 55.2 percent of men say that getting pregnant can be avoided if condoms are used properly.


Fertility rate over 2.1 percent in five states

According to the report, there are only 5 states (Bihar, Meghalaya, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Manipur) where the fertility rate is more than 2.1 percent. Let us tell you, the Ministry has released the National Family Health Survey on Friday. It was also said in the report that most of the working women believe in using Contraception.

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