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Plants are the oxygen provider to the humans and other living animals. Nearly all plants produce oxygen during sunlight. Not going into scientific theory, these have always been the basis for human survival. 

Greenery makes the surrounding clean. It also has many biological and physical advantages. 

For people living in cities and other areas, it is not always possible to grow trees and big plants. But the need for fresh air is the same for all. Fresh air makes people healthy, stress free and builds a peaceful environment in the surrounding.

In this pandemic time, it is advised to stay fit and stress free. 


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Then, the question arises which plants can be grown at home for fulfilling the purpose of healthy and prosperous life?

Below are few plants with medicinal and biological benefits which are easily available and good for all:

  • Money plant
  • Green lucky bamboo.
  • Peace Lily plant
  • Lucky Jade plant 
  • Areca Palm plant

Money Plant

Money plant, as the name defines it, is for prosperity. This plant is an air purifier plant, which improves and increases the air quality inside the room in which it is kept. This plant removes formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from air. 

This is a heart shaped plant which grows quickly. This is a decorative plant, which can be given shape on pole, stick or other edges. With the help of its aerial roots it holds itself at any place. It requires enough water to grow properly.


Special instruction:

 Do not give this plant too much sunlight. In excess, it can burn the leaves of the plant. 

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Green Lucky Bamboo

This plant is a traditional plant which is known for happiness, health, and wealth. This plant can be grown in water, or in soil. When grown in water, use marbles, stones or pebbles to give stability to the bamboo plants. 

The green two layered bamboo plant is a perfect gift for your loved ones. Also, it is one of the most popular indoor plants all over the world. It is a long-lived plant. Not very much maintainable.

Special instruction: 

Keep it away from direct sunlight. Direct light can turn the leaves into yellowish-green colour. Never use cold water when growing this plant in water. 

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Peace Lily plant

Peace lily is an oxygen giving plant and acts as an air purifier. It breaks down, and neutralizes the harmful chemicals in air, and refills the room with oxygenated air. The fresh air keeps you healthy and relaxed.

It has dark glossy green leaves with white flowering plant. Its flower shape is unlike other flowers like the hood of a cobra, and it lasts for a longer duration. This gives the plant a special look of which anyone can become fond of. This plant is among the top ten air purifying plants in the world.


It is also easy to grow indoor plants and can be kept anywhere in the room. It needs low light to grow. Only it needs water twice in a day. But check the soil before watering it. If it is dry then only water it again.


 Peace lily, in comparison to other indoor plants, are relatively immune to insects.

Special instruction: 

 Keep this away from pet animals like cats and dogs, as it has been found  this plant is hazardous to their health.

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Lucky Jade plant

Jade plants are plants with oval shaped leaves and considered as Good Luck charm plants. It is a symbol of friendship, fortune and prosperity.

Jade plants are also easy to care for. It needs plenty of sunlight for good plant health. It is a popular succulent plant, so, it is recommended, not to over water the plant.  Check the soil, if it is dry then only water it.

It produces white flowers during the winter season. This makes the room attractive

Special instruction: 

For jade plants to give a more positive effect, it should be kept in the south-east direction.

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Areca Palm plant

Areca is a long growing natural live plant with feather shaped leaves. It is a home growing palm plant. It needs low maintenance and is easy to grow plants. 

This is also an air purifier plant with the benefits like other oxygen giving plants.

The best part of the plant is that it adds beauty to the decor of your room. 

The areca palm plant has feathery fronds which gives it a bright look.


Special instruction:

Keep it away from direct sunlight. Direct light can turn the leaves into yellowish-green colour. Place it in the direction of a window facing south or west.

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Indoor plants  make you healthy, relaxed, and prosperous. These plants can be an air purifier, a symbol of luck, health, and wealth. As you get clean air, you feel energized and have a healthy heart and mind. These can be kept anywhere in the house, and needs a minimum requirement of handling and maintenance.

Keeping indoor plants also makes the house beautiful and decorative with different colours of leaves and flowers.  These can also be given to some loved ones as a gift. The benefits of these plants are scientifically proven. And it is better to keep it at your home and take the benefits. 


Q. What are indoor plants? 

Indoor plants are the plants which can be kept inside a home.

Q. What is the size of indoor plants?

Indoor plants are generally small sized, it occupies less space and can be kept anywhere inside home.

Q. Which indoor plant is best?

There is no such specific plant which is best. It is upon your choice. All plants have their characteristics.

Q. From where can we buy these plants?

These can be bought from local plant sellers. These are also available online at online shopping sites such as amazon, flipkart, etc.

Q. Is that necessary to keep indoor plants?

No, It is dependent on you. But these plants fill your home with positivity, and other uses, so these are recommended.

Q. Are these plants hazardous?

No, These plants are not hazardous. Instead, these are air purifiers which makes your heart healthy with pure air.


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