Is it better to eat sweets before or after a meal? Learn


No meal is complete without sweets. After every big, favorite and nutritionally packed meal, eating sweets becomes almost a must. The craving for sweet food usually occurs late at night and we often succumb to this craving. Eating sweets causes a huge surge of a chemical in your brain, which is called dopamine. This suggests that you crave sweet chocolate more at 3 o’clock in the night than an apple or a carrot. Studies show that craving for sweets after a meal is not good for health. It affects your health and causes many minor health problems. Consuming high amounts of sugar will increase the risk factors for coronary heart disease, including obesity, increased blood strain and irritation. High sugar diets have been linked to a higher chance of death from coronary heart disease.


Ayurveda is serving as a guide to solve many major health problems and has many healing properties, making it one of the most trusted forms of medicine. Many recent studies and Ayurveda show that if sweets or sweets are eaten before meals instead of after meals, then it is not harmful for health. Actually, there are some reasons to avoid eating sweets after meals, they are as follows.


Digestive problems
Late at night, when you have sweets after a heavy meal, the food particles take longer to break down, and hence, it takes longer to digest it. Therefore, after eating sweets should be avoided. Consuming a sweet before starting a meal helps in the flow of digestive secretions, which improves the speed of your digestion process. On the other hand, consuming sweets after meals stops the digestion process for a long time. When you consume a sweet before a meal, it activates the taste buds found on your tongue and allows you to enjoy your meal better.


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risk of gas and acid formation
Eating sweets at the end of a meal can turn off the fire of the digestive fire and slow down its process, leading to acid reflux (when the acid from our food flows back down the esophagus instead of going down the intestines). Fermentation may occur because of this. Eating sweets after meals can also cause gas and it causes bloating later.

which things are sweet
Sugar in general is quite a toxic ingredient and it is more harmful than good for health. And it has a very bitter relationship with fitness. Meaning, if people who care about fitness eat sweets, then their hard work goes in vain. Usually present in all the food items that contain carbohydrates, such as vegetables, cereals and dairy products.

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what the experts say
Experts have always been advocating to take natural sugar instead of refined sugar. Plant foods are additionally high in fiber, essential minerals and antioxidants, while dairy products contain protein and calcium. Considering the fact that your body digests these ingredients slowly, the sugar in them provides continuous power to your cells.

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