It is necessary to take vitamin C according to weight, people suffering from obesity need more quantity – Study


During the corona epidemic, there was a lot of emphasis on increasing immunity to avoid infection. In this, Vitamin C was described as a better solution and people started using it extensively as a nutritional supplement. It has been told that it prevents the infection from becoming serious. But for this it is important to know that how much quantity should be taken? Due to the lack of this information, many times people start taking more vitamin C than they want. Some side effects of which have also been reported. Research from the University of Otago, Christchurch, New Zealand, has discovered its correct information in its new study. According to the study, for the first time, scientists have been able to find out how much vitamin C is needed in the human body. So that the body can get the right immunity to stay healthy.


According to the findings of this study published in the International Journal ‘Nutrients’, it has been found that per 10 kg of extra weight a person needs more than 10 mg of vitamin C daily. Due to which the body gets the necessary immunity.


what the experts say
Dr. Anitra Carr, the lead author of this study and associate professor in the University’s Department of Pathology and Biomedical Science, said that earlier studies have shown that being overweight is related to low levels of vitamin C. is. But this is the first study, in which it has been assessed that according to the body weight, the amount of vitamin C a person needs daily, so that their health remains good. He said that this finding may make it easier for obese people to increase their immunity to protect against infection, especially Kovid. Because it is well known that people suffering from obesity are more prone to infection.


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He said that it has also come to the fore that if you are a victim of obesity, then you will need additional vitamin C. Pneumonia is the biggest problem in Kovid infection and this disease is also associated with vitamin C deficiency. It has been proved in many studies that vitamin C reduces the risk of pneumonia and even if it happens, its severity is not much. Therefore, if you are a victim of obesity, then it is important to know the right amount of vitamin C, so that your immune system remains correct.

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How much additional quantity is needed
The study found that if a person weighs 90 kg, he would need an additional 30 mg of vitamin C to meet the daily requirement of 140 mg of vitamin C. Whereas, if the weight is 120 kg, then he will need an additional 40 mg of vitamin C to achieve the level of 150 mg daily vitamin C. A simple way to fulfill its need is to include fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C in the diet.

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