Jharkhand Politics: Whose eyes are on Hemant’s government in Jharkhand?


Jharkhand Political Crisis: There is a ruckus in the politics of Jharkhand these days. On the one hand, while the main opposition BJP is continuously attacking the Hemant government of Jharkhand over the scams of IAS Pooja Singhal, on the other hand, a section of Congress MLAs is attacking Hemant Sarkar by accusing him of being ignored. Congress MLA Irfan Ansari along with 7-8 MLAs will go to meet the Congress high command in Delhi on May 14. In such a situation, the biggest question is whether Hemant government will stay in Jharkhand or will it go?

In Jharkhand these days there is only one question on everyone’s tongue, will Hemant be able to save his throne? In the midst of these questions, the politics of Jharkhand was also swinging. Let us tell you what is the reason for this political crisis in Jharkhand, which is constantly hovering over the Hemant Soren government of Jharkhand.


What is the charge on CM Hemant?
Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren is currently looking confident about the notice by the Election Commission. Soren had sought one month’s time to reply to the notice by the Election Commission. BJP had demanded action from the Governor after the Chief Minister took the mining lease in his name. After which the Governor sent the complaint to the Election Commission after gathering information from the Chief Secretary. Later, he went to Delhi and talked to the Prime Minister and the Home Minister. had.


Election Commission has an important role!
Taking cognizance of the complaint, the Election Commission first sent a notice to the Chief Secretary of the state to give full details of the matter. After getting information from the Chief Secretary, the commission has now sent a notice to the Chief Minister himself and asked why steps should not be taken against him by the public representative on the charges of corruption.

BJP claims Hemant guest of few days!
On the other hand, the main opposition party BJP alleges that the Chief Minister has violated the Representation of the People Act by giving himself a mining lease. Therefore, Soren has been disqualified under Section 9 (a) of the Act and Article 19 (e) of the Constitution of India. On behalf of Soren, his party Jharkhand Mukti Morcha says that the allotment of lease in the name of Chief Minister was an administrative mistake which was later canceled. Apart from this, no work on lease had been started till the time of cancellation, so the provisions of this law do not apply in this case. The ruling parties seem to be united against the opposition.


How much power is there in cleaning Hemant!
The government is constantly taking the opinion of expert lawyers and experts to answer the commission. According to the legal expert, the Governor is free to take a decision against the Chief Minister and he will be final. However, there are many cases which have been challenged in the High Court. The High Court has also intervened in this.

What do analysts say?
Independent MLA Saryu Rai, who has been punished by campaigning against many corrupt leaders, considers this matter to be a separate contract from the Office of Profit. Saryu Rai says that the mines do not come under the lease office of profit. Which the Supreme Court has also considered in the first two decisions against public representatives.

What option does Hemant have?
Now it has to be seen what the Chief Minister responds to the notice of the Election Commission and then what action the Election Commission takes. In such a situation, if Hemant Soren is disqualified, then his government still looks safe. Talking about the Chief Minister, apart from his father Shibu Soren, there are also senior party leaders like Champai Soren, Jagarnath Mahato faces in his cabinet. Hemant himself Soren can also take oath as the Chief Minister again even after the commission, but he will have to win the election of MLA from any seat again within 6 months.

Key in the hands of Congress party!
There is discord within the Congress party in Jharkhand. The factionalism of MLAs keeps coming to the fore. The latest case is related to MLA Irfan Ansari. Ansari himself and his close MLAs want to get ministerial posts. In such a situation, Congress can bargain.

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