Just before the hearing on Gyanvapi, a big controversy came to the fore, the mosque committee was accused of land scam


Gyanvapi Mosque Case: Controversy continues over Varanasi’s Gyanvapi Masjid and new claims are being made on this matter every day. Now before the hearing on the Gyanvapi case, a big controversy has come to the fore. In which there has been talk of scam regarding the land of the mosque. Due to which many serious questions have been raised on the Arrangement Committee. The committee has been accused of selling 17 biswa land of Gyanvapi Masjid.


140 year old record
Gyanvapi Mosque A copy of 140-year-old measles has come to the fore, about which this big claim has been made. In this measles, the land of the mosque h as been described as 31 biswa. Whereas in the survey of the court commissioner, the land of the mosque was told only 14 biswa. It is now being said about this that half the land was sold by the committee. Just before the hearing, this disclosure of the land scam can prove to be very important. At present, no clarification has come to the fore from the Arrangement Committee regarding this.


Many questions raised about the land
There is no trace of 17 Biswa land. The question is arising whether the committee has sold this land? Speaking to ABP News, Mukhtar Ansari, who removed 140 old documents in this case, said that, our aim is that this is a very old mosque and when the trial started, we got information. Various claims have been made on this. We started checking the documents again. This resignation has come from the revenue record. More land has been shown on this, but now very little is left. We want to ask the Prabandiya Committee, where did that land go?

important hearing in court
Important hearing on Gyanvapi case is going to be held shortly. This petition has been filed on behalf of Vedic Sanatan Sangh, which will be heard. It has been demanded in this petition that the entry of Muslims in the Gyanvapi Masjid should be banned. Along with this, it has been said to issue orders to break the dome.

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