Karnataka: Controversy erupts over Jama Masjid built during Tipu Sultan’s time


Karnataka Masjid: The controversy over the Gyanvapi Masjid located in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh has not yet subsided, that a similar dispute has arisen in far-flung Karnataka as well. After which it is now believed that there is a stir in the politics of Karnataka. Actually this dispute is about a mosque built in Karnataka during the reign of Tipu Sultan. Regarding which it is being claimed that there used to be a Hanuman temple at the place where the mosque is located.


This claim made by Hindu organization

Let us tell you that a Jama Masjid is located at a place called Srirangapatna in Karnataka. It is said that it was built by Tipu Sultan. But now some Hindu organizations have claimed that there used to be a temple there earlier. Which Tipu Sultan broke and got a mosque built in its place. Controversy has started regarding which. Hindu organizations have demanded worship in that mosque. The Hindu organization claims that the documents available prove that there used to be a Hanuman temple there. It is also being claimed that Hindu inscriptions have been found on the walls of the mosque, which is enough to prove that there used to be a temple there.


Let us tell you that ever since the claims of the Jama Masjid located in Srirangapatna having a temple there has gained momentum, since then there is a demand from the side of the mosque to increase the security. However, so far no response has been given by the Government of Karnataka or any other big organization in this matter.

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