Keep these things in mind before and after coming out in the scorching sun


In the summer season, we should take special care of our health. In summer, people often become victims of dehydration. That is why we should take special care of food and drink in this season. In summer, liquid and cold-tasting substances should be included in the diet. Apart from this, there are some things which are also very important to take care of. Like what things should be taken care of before going to the sun and after coming.

Let us tell you today what we should do to stay healthy in the summer season.

– summer problems
It has often been seen that people are most prone to dehydration during the summer season. Apart from this, problems like diarrhea, constipation and acidity also occur in summer. To avoid all these problems, it is best that you drink more and more water. Apart from this, you can also drink liquid juice, lemonade and coconut water. This will protect your body from getting dehydrated.


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– Leave the house after having breakfast
Often we leave home hungry for office due to lack of time. By doing this our body cycle deteriorates badly. Therefore, do not avoid eating food in summer at all and if you are going out of the house in the hot sun, then always leave the house only after having a good breakfast.


-After coming home from the hot sun
Often people drink cold water immediately after coming home from strong sunlight, but doing so can have an adverse effect on your body. Therefore, after coming home from the sun, first let your body temperature be equal to the room temperature and instead of drinking cold water, drink plain water or any liquid which is generally cold and in summer you must eat salad or fruit with food. .

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– Protection against rashes and prickly heat
One should never wear tight clothes in summer. In this season everyone sweats more than other days. In such a situation, the problems of rashes and pimples increase. The skin turns red at the place of prickly heat and it also starts itching and burning. To avoid this, loose, light and airy clothes should be worn. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them)

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