Know which people should not eat radish, health can be harmed


Radish side effects: Some vegetables are not only very tasty to eat raw, but also work to increase the taste of food. Radish is also one of these vegetables. For this reason, radish is consumed on a large scale. Many people are crazy about radish parathas to radish salad. So some people like radish vegetable too much. Although, radish rarely comes in the market during the summer season. But people who are fond of eating radish come looking for this vegetable from anywhere. Although

According to this, along with being beneficial in many ways, radish can also prove to be harmful for health at times.

Before consuming radish, it becomes very important to keep some things in mind. Especially for those people who are struggling with some special health problems. So let us know which people should avoid eating radish.


There may be a lack of water in the body
Consuming too much of radish can cause dehydration in the body. Actually, radish has diuretic properties, due to which more urine is formed. Due to which the person has to pass urine many times, which can cause water loss in the body and this can lead to dehydration.


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May have low blood pressure
Excessive consumption of radish can also lower blood pressure. Therefore, people who already have the problem of low blood pressure should avoid excessive consumption of radish.

may be hypoglycemia
Those people whose blood sugar level remains down, those people should also avoid eating more radish. Because excessive consumption of radish can also lead to the problem of hypoglycemia.

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Do not eat radish in gallstones and pregnancy
Those people who have the problem of gallstones should not consume radish. Also pregnant women should avoid eating this vegetable.

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