Malaika Arora’s morning routine is very special, this is the secret of perfect body at the age of 48


Malaika Arora Fitness Secrets: Bollywood actress Malaika Arora is known for her fitness. Malaika is 48 years old, but her fitness and toned body amazes anyone. She is a fitness freak and works hard to keep herself fit. Not only this, she also strictly follows her diet and daily routine and in addition to weight exercises, she also follows yoga, meditation etc. Malaika often shares posts related to workout and diet on her Instagram account and talks openly about her fitness and diet.


This is the secret of Malaika’s fitness
In addition to exercise, Malaika Arora does walking, yoga, running, swimming etc. to keep her body toned. Apart from this, she also strictly follows her diet plan. Although she says that she eats everything, but in limited quantities.


starts the day with yoga
Malaika starts her day with yoga. After that he likes to do outdoor exercises. She exercises for 1 hour every day. In this, he also likes to walk. She tells that walking brings toning the whole body along with the legs.


One liter of water is necessary in the morning
Malaika starts her day with 1 liter of water. They drink water mixed with honey and lemon juice. Not only this, to keep the body detox, she drinks a lot of water throughout the day.

malaika arora diet plan
Malaika tells that she does not follow any fixed diet chart, rather she eats whatever her body and mind demands. However, he likes to eat healthy things. She avoids oily, fast food and maida items. Apart from this, breakfast includes fresh fruit, poha, idli, upma or multigrain toast with egg white, while snacks include fresh fruit juice, brown bread toast and egg white. In lunch, she eats roti, rice, vegetables, chicken and sprouts. In dinner, Malaika likes to have salad and soup with steamed vegetables. Sometimes she also likes to eat Biryani.

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