Monkeypox terror in a dozen countries, know important things about this viral infection


Monkey Pox Viral Infection Monkeypox virus cases, which started in the United Kingdom, have now been confirmed in more than 12 countries. It is believed that this infection spread when some infected people in the UK traveled to Nigeria. However, health officials are yet to find out other sources of infection in others. Let us tell you that this virus is being considered rare and unusual in Nigeria. The WHO said in a recent statement that recent outbreaks are “uncommon because they are occurring in non-endemic countries”. According to WHO, about 80 cases have been confirmed so far and 50 investigations are still pending. While its cases are expected to increase further. Indian Express

According to the report, monkeypox is a zoonosis disease that spreads from animals to humans.

what is monkey pox
Monkeypox is a zoonosis disease that is transmitted from animals to humans. It is an orthopox virus similar to smallpox but less severe than smallpox. It was first discovered in 1958. Then two symptoms of smallpox-like disease were seen in the laboratory monkeys and they were kept here for research. This information was given by Dr. Vikrant Shah, Consulting Physician of Chembur Gen Multispecialty Hospital. For the first time in the year 1970, it was found in a human. Let us tell you that this virus is mainly found in the rainforest areas of Central and West Africa.


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how does it spread
Monkeypox spreads through contact with or in some way from an infected person or animal. This virus enters the body through the eyes, nose, ears and mouth while coming out of the patient’s wound. Apart from this, the fear of spreading this virus also remains due to the bites of animals like monkeys, rats and squirrels. According to the World Health Organization, the investigation of the spread of this infection from homosexual people and many cases related to it is still going on.


Signs and symptoms
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), monkeypox begins with fever, headache, muscle aches and tiredness. The time from infection to symptoms of monkeypox is usually 7-14 days but it can be up to 5-21 days. Within 1 to 3 days after the onset of fever, the patient develops a rash which often starts on the face. Then gradually it spreads to other parts of the body.

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how to find it
Monkeypox can be detected with the help of viral DNA test by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). It would be better if the skin of monkeypox rash for diagnosis, sample from the fluid inside it. Antigens and antibodies do not work in this. Dr Shuchin Bajaj, Founder Director, Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals said that in general, every 10th patient suffering from monkeypox can die, with most of the deaths in the younger age group.

what is the method of protection
Researches have found that vaccines used against small pox have also proved effective against monkeypox. These vaccines have been shown to be effective up to 85 percent.

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