Mumbai Police’s operation ‘Ambulance Ambevali’, police became nurse to catch Irani gang accused


Mumbai: Mumbai’s MHB police launched Operation Ambulance Ambevali to nab Mohammad Sanga, a notorious Iranian dacoit. This operation was carried out by 26 policemen together. A special 26 team was formed to nab the accused from Irani Basti of Ambevali, about 50 km from Mumbai. Police personnel had to become doctors, nurses, ambulance assistants. Many policemen involved in this operation were also injured.

The name of the dacoit caught by the MHB police of Mumbai Police is Mohammad Sanga alias Zakir Farjad Sayyed, who is 27 years old. Mohammad Sanga is a member of the Irani gang. To catch Sanga, the Mumbai Police had to form a team of Special 26 and planned ‘Operation Ambulance Ambevali’. Actually many crime cases are registered on Sanga. To catch it, the police had to go to the Iranian colony by becoming a doctor, nurse, helper and had to use an ambulance, not a police van, to arrest him.


Why the fear of Iranian settlement?
Irani gangs commit crimes in their very vicious way and live in Irani Basti, the police who went to catch them have to face not only the accused but also the people of Irani Basti, the people of Irani Basti are separated in Mumbai, Thane city. – Live in different areas in your colony. When the police goes to arrest someone, suddenly women, children and residents of the township start pelting stones. Their aim is to save the accused of their society and locality.


What did the police say?
Sudhir Kudalkar, Senior Police Inspector of MHB Police Station said that the accused who has been arrested was mainly involved in crime like snatching in cases registered in different police stations of Mumbai.

Police officer Suryakant Pawar of MHB police station received a tip-off that the accused would be coming to a tea stall near Irani Masjid in Ambevali at around 5 pm on Sunday, February 4. The police prepared a strong plan to nab the accused. When the police went to arrest this criminal, the Iranian women had to face tremendous opposition. Iranian women pelted stones at Mumbai Police.


What’s the plan?
The women created a lot of ruckus to drive the accused away from the spot. In which many policemen were injured, yet the police team managed to put the accused in an ambulance and bring them to Mumbai’s Borivali MHB police station. Operation Operation Ambulance Ambevali was done according to the plan and route. As per the plan, the police team reached the tea stall near the mosque in Irani Basti in ambulance number 1. As soon as the ambulance entered Irani Basti, Mohammad Sanga felt that the police had arrived. The accused tried to run away and the whole street started shouting that the police had come. Mohammad Sanga alias Zakir Farjad Sayyed has 26 cases of robbery registered in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Deadly attack on police team
Despite the deadly attack on the police team, the team did not leave the accused and dragged the accused for 800 meters to the ambulance. While coming and going, stones were falling on everyone, on someone’s head, on someone’s leg, on someone’s back, but none of the policemen backed down.

The people of Irani Basti tried to kill the driver of the big ambulance, so the big ambulance was taken from there to the next place. At that time, the accused was in police custody, but due to non-availability of the car, again a large crowd gathered and started protesting against the police. It became difficult to get the accused out of there, so a small ambulance was called and the accused was made to sit and all the policemen are safe.

Special 26 jawans who successfully executed Operation Ambevali Ambulance at Police Commissionerate of Mumbai Police were felicitated by senior officers of Mumbai Police.

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