National Dengue Day 2022: Dengue can happen if these symptoms are seen, know the preventive measures


National Dengue Day 2022: In today’s time, dengue has emerged as a serious disease in the world. Millions of people die every year due to this deadly disease. In our country too, a large number of people fall prey to this disease every year, which is why National Dengue Day 2022 is celebrated every year to make people aware of dengue disease. Dengue disease is caused by the bite of the Aedes mosquito and in this the platelets start decreasing rapidly in the patient’s body. If the platelets become too low, then it also leads to the death of the patient.
Cases of dengue start appearing after the onset of monsoon. Actually, dengue larva thrives only in stagnant clean water, in such a situation, the possibility of spreading dengue increases due to negligence. webmd

According to the news, know the symptoms, prevention and treatment methods of dengue disease…
symptoms of dengue disease
The months of July to October are quite favorable for the breeding of dengue larvae. Actually, during this time there is a possibility of water stagnation due to rain, due to which dengue larvae can grow in this water. Many types of early symptoms can be seen in dengue.

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– Sudden high fever
– severe headache
– Pain behind the eyes
– Feeling of severe pain in the joints and muscles
– Tiredness
– Vomiting
– nausea
– Rashes on the skin
Slight bleeding from nose, gums

ways to prevent dengue
The best way to prevent dengue is to protect ourselves from the bites of infected Aedes mosquitoes. Especially when you live in a tropical area or are traveling there. Along with this, it is also necessary to take measures to prevent mosquitoes from breeding around the house.

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Use a coil to drive away mosquitoes indoors
– Keep all the windows and doors of the house properly closed
Use mosquito net while sleeping
If you see the symptoms of dengue, contact the doctor immediately.
Do not let the water stagnate in the cooler for a long time
Do not allow water to be stored in the pots and other things present in the house.
– Spray mosquito repellents from time to time

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