Navneet Rana, who is coming to Delhi today to complain about the Uddhav government, will meet these people


Navnit Rana Delhi Visit: After being discharged from the hospital, Amaravati’s independent MP Navneet Rana is coming to Delhi today. It is being told that she will leave for Delhi at 11:55 am from Mumbai. Here she will meet Home Minister Amit Shah and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla. It is being speculated that she will complain against the Uddhav government of Maharashtra here. Along with this, you can also complain about the misbehavior with them in police custody. For information, let us tell you that yesterday the Rana couple also met BJP leader Ram Kadam.


After coming out of jail, many political meanings are being taken out of his meeting with the Home Minister. Navneet Rana and her husband Ravi Rana were jailed for sedition after they announced to recite Hanuman Chalisa outside Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s house. However, the Mumbai Sessions Court granted him bail, after which his health deteriorated and he had to be admitted to the hospital.


Uddhav Thackeray accused of misusing power

Coming out of the hospital, he once again attacked Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and said that his fight would continue. He also accused Uddhav Thackeray of misusing power and challenged him to show if he has the courage to contest the elections against him. He said that for what the Maharashtra government is punishing him. If reading Hanuman Chalisa and taking God’s name is a crime, then are they ready to stay in jail for 14 days for 14 years?


Rana came out of the hospital with Hanuman Chalisa in hand

Earlier, after Navneet Rana was discharged in the hospital, supporters welcomed him by presenting an idol of Hanuman ji. Along with this, Navneet Rana was welcomed by the people by wearing tilak on his forehead and wearing a shawl. Navneet Rana came out with Hanuman Chalisa in hand. She said that if it seems that we can suppress the voice of a woman from jail, then our fight is in the name of God and I am going to continue that.

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