Navratri 2022: If you are a fitness freak, avoid doing intense workouts during Navratri fast, keep these things in mind



If you are keeping Navratri fast, then do light exercise.
Take care of diet and hydration these days.
Do only stretching exercises.

Intense workout during Navratri Fast: If you are also a fitness freak this time, you are immersed in the juice of devotion and are also keeping the fast of Navratri, then your energy may decrease due to fasting. You may not have the courage to exercise etc., but you can consume some such things without grains, which help in keeping you full of energy. Apart from this, you can save your energy level by reducing the intensity of work out. By using many such work tips, you can keep fast without any problem. Let us know what things you should take care of during this time.


Important things to keep in mind
,onlymyhealth According to this, you should focus on doing very light exercises at this time, in which your body is also doing activity and you do not have to be too tired like walking, low intensity exercise etc.

If you do strength training, instead of lifting heavy weights, lift only light weights.
If you do not want to work out at this time, then do some work out by participating in festivals like Dandiya Night or Dance Night happening nearby.
Whenever you are feeling low energy level, then definitely eat some fruits, fruits etc., so that your body does not have to face much pressure.

-At this time you can try only stretching etc., leaving the rest of the exercise.
If you are feeling low energy level even after this, then do not exercise at all and take only rest and light diet.

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