NDA was plus 9 and UPA minus 28, how the picture changed in the survey after six months, know the new figures


Loksabha Election 2024: Recently, a survey has come about the Lok Sabha elections, in which it has been said that if the elections are held today, then once again the NDA government led by PM Modi will be formed at the center. Despite this, the survey figures are not encouraging for the Modi government. If we compare the figures of the survey of the same agency six months ago, then the seats of NDA have decreased in this survey. On the other hand, the Congress seems to be benefiting tremendously.

1 lakh 40 people participated in the survey conducted by India Today and C Voter in the name of Mood of the Nation. In this, questions related to the opinion of the people regarding the Lok Sabha elections were asked. The results of the survey were released in January. In which the people had given their approval for the formation of the NDA government again.


picture reversed in 6 months
The agency had conducted a similar survey six months ago in July 2022 as well. Compared to the July survey, this time the popularity of the NDA has decreased. The seats of the NDA have decreased, while the seats of the opposition Congress have increased significantly.

First let’s look at the survey of this time. In the survey that came in January, people were asked the question that if elections were held today, whose government would be formed. In this people gave majority to NDA. According to the survey, the Modi-led NDA alliance was predicted to get 298 seats. The figures are satisfactory to see, but if compared with the survey of six months ago, then they are going to increase the tension for the BJP.


NDA seats reduced
In the survey conducted in July, NDA was shown getting 307 seats. NDA has lost 9 seats in six months. There are about 400 days left for the Lok Sabha elections in 2024. In such a situation, if there is a decline in the seats of the BJP-led coalition, then it can be a bell of danger. To form the government in the Lok Sabha, 272 seats are required. Along with this, the manner in which the seats of the Congress-led UPA have increased, that too will increase the lines of worry on the forehead of the Modi government.

Congress bat-bat
According to the survey that came in January 2023, the UPA has been estimated to get 153 seats if the elections are held today. UPA’s seats seem to be far from majority, but Congress seems to be gaining 28 Lok Sabha seats in 6 months. In the July 2022 survey, the Congress was predicted to get 125 seats. Tremendous jump of 28 seats in 6 months is a matter of happiness for Congress. Especially when recently Congress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi has completed Bharat Jodo Yatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.

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