‘No one dares to pelt pebbles after 370 is removed from Kashmir’, says Amit Shah in DU


Delhi University: Referring to the removal of Article 370 and 35A (Section- 370 and Article- 35A) from Jammu and Kashmir in a program of Delhi University, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that people used to say Rivers of blood will flow, but on August 5, 2019, Modi ji abolished 370 in a pinch. Leave the rivers of blood because of the policies of the Modi government, no one has the courage to run pebbles. Amit Shah’s statement has come at a time when terrorists have killed many innocent people in Kashmir recently, in which Kashmiri Pandits have been specially targeted.


Amit Shah, who arrived to inaugurate a seminar organized by the Political Science Department of Delhi University, also mentioned about the removal of AFSPA from many districts of the Northeast, but also emphasized that human rights are also those who do. succumb to terrorism. The Home Minister lauded the achievements of the Modi government and also exhorted the students not to let the universities become the arena of ideological battles. For the past few years, there have been reports of clashes between student organizations in many universities of the country including JNU.


Don’t make university an ideological arena: Amit Shah
Amit Shah said, the university should not be made the arena of ideological battle. Discussion should be given importance instead of fighting. No matter how many feet someone bury the Kohinoor, even then its light comes out. No one remembers those who burnt Nalanda, Taxila University. Universities got burnt but the idea is still alive today. Amit Shah said that instead of fighting for rights, we should choose the path of walking on responsibility. Amit Shah, quoting Prime Minister Modi, also said that Modi ji believes that only youth can make India great.


Amit Shah praised the Government of India
Earlier, speaking at an international seminar organized on the topic “Review of India’s Thoughts from Swaraj to Navbharat”, Amit Shah described the steps being taken by the Modi government for a new India. They said that Narendra Modi Before becoming the Prime Minister of India, there was no defense policy of the country. Foreign policy was considered as defense policy. But in the last few years, India has introduced its defense policy to the world by conducting surgical strikes and air strikes that those who insult our border will be answered in their own language. Amit Shah also said that India is not a country made by treaty or war, but it is a geo-cultural country. Amit Shah said, the idea of ??India Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is in the hymn of Vaishnava people.

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