Not just ‘chest pain’ a sign of heart attack, its symptoms in women differ from men – study


Symptoms of Heart Disease in Women: It has been revealed in many studies that most of the deaths in the world are due to heart-related diseases. In today’s lifestyle, there is no country left where heart-related diseases are not causing the death of people. Be it America or India. has written in its news report quoting The New York Times, Study It shows that the warning signs of heart attack are ignored in women compared to men. Women are also reluctant to seek help, as they have milder symptoms than men. So when they reach the hospital, doctors who underestimate their symptoms or delay in treating them.


In fact, the common symptom of heart disease in men/women is chest/chest pain or discomfort, but many women have symptoms that are difficult to associate with heart problems such as trouble breathing, feeling sick, tiredness, jaw and back pain.

what the experts say
of the American Heart Association (AHA) Report

It tells that in women who do not have pain in the chest, heart attack is very serious or fatal, because in such a situation both the patient and the doctor take more time to recognize the problem. The doctors say that this is their brainwash. Dr. Alexandra Lansky, a cardiologist at Yale-New Haven Hospital, says, ‘A woman went to the doctors complaining of pain in the jaw. All sent to the dentist. The dentist removed his two molars. Even then the pain did not go away, so she came to me. In the investigation, it was found that the pain was related to the heart. The woman underwent bypass surgery, then the jaw pain went away.


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Various campaigns are being run in America to make women aware of heart disease. It is told that sweating, dizziness or unusual tiredness can be symptoms of heart disease. Published in the Journal Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management Study It states that 62 percent of women did not have chest pain compared to 36 percent of men. Many women reported gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea and dyspepsia along with shortness of breath. Often people experience pressure or tightness in the chest instead of chest pain.

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Danger in women 35-54 years old
Cardiologist Dr. Jacqueline Tamis-Holland says, ‘People think that when having a heart attack, like in the movies, pain in the chest (chest pain) is the biggest symptom, when it is not so. . Women do not consider themselves more vulnerable to heart disease than men. However, young women are also falling prey to it. 35 to 54 year old women The risk of heart attack has increased due to high blood pressure and obesity. ,

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