Not only diet plan in summer, change the way of eating dry fruits, know how


Dry Fruits consumption in Summer: To protect ourselves from diseases, we try many ways, which include things like exercise, yoga, taking healthy diet. When it comes to diet, there is a different emphasis on dry fruits. Nuts are definitely included in the routine of children or elderly family members. In winter, dry fruit laddoos are eaten after roasting in ghee and mixed with other food items. But in the summer season, the way of eating nuts changes.

It is beneficial to eat dry fruits throughout the year. It is rich in fiber, which helps in digestion. Apart from strengthening bones, sharpening memory, it is also considered healthy for diabetic patients. Glucose is maintained in the body by the natural sugar present in dry fruits. Due to which there is no urge to eat sweets and blood sugar remains under control.


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Dry fruits are beneficial for all – If the doctor has refused under some circumstances, then it is another matter. Apart from this, everyone should eat dry fruits to stay healthy. Eating dry fruits every morning on an empty stomach keeps the metabolism right. The body feels energized. Dry fruits act as an immunity booster. Bones also remain strong by eating it.

Eat nuts like this in rising temperature
In Ayurveda, certain rules have been set for eating every food. Ayurveda Expert Dr. Diksha Bhavsar Saswalia

In the information shared on his social media account, he told that the stomach has to work a little hard to digest dry fruits. This is because many types of fiber, good fat and protein are found in them.

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If dry fruits are soaked overnight, then after eating it our body easily absorbs their properties. There are some important precautions to eat dry fruits in the summer season, which are as follows.
In the summer season, eat only dry fruits soaked in water overnight.
Try eating soaked dry fruits on an empty stomach the next morning.
It can be eaten even in the light of afternoon or evening hunger.
Avoid eating more nuts at once, as it can worsen the digestion.
Eating more nuts leads to weight gain, as it contains 80% fat.
People who have problems related to digestion, acidity, diarrhea, they should not eat dry fruits.
Apart from this, if the doctor has decided in any health condition, then avoid taking nuts.

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