Not only yellow for health, black turmeric is also beneficial, know from expert how


Black Turmeric Benefits: We are all aware of the medicinal properties of turmeric found in every kitchen. Since the time of our grandmothers, we have been using it in every auspicious work, in spices and even in injury, pain or illness. But do you know that there are two types of turmeric, a yellow turmeric and a black turmeric. We all know about yellow turmeric. Today we will tell you about the medicinal properties of black turmeric. Black turmeric is slightly different than yellow turmeric, due to its more anti-oxidant properties, it is mostly used to cure many serious diseases.


Nutritionist Divya Gandhi while talking to News18 told about the properties of black turmeric. According to him, ‘Turmeric is one of the best sources to increase immunity. But the benefits of black turmeric are different. The darker the color of turmeric, the more benefits it has for the body. If we talk about anti-inflammatory properties, then they are also our yellow turmeric, but black turmeric has the power to heal more than that, the amount of curcumin in it. Yellow is more than turmeric.


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Used in the treatment of cancer
According to the nutritionist, “Black turmeric boosts immunity. If we take it with black pepper, then its absorption is better and it is also useful in the treatment of cancer. At the time of cancer treatment, it is said that if you include black turmeric in your diet daily, it boosts our immunity. Black turmeric has a shorter shelf life than yellow turmeric and expires in 3-4 months. This is the reason why yellow is more expensive than turmeric.

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Many other benefits of black turmeric

Black turmeric has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, due to which it is effective in curing any inflammation in the body. Black turmeric is very helpful in protecting against infection.
People who have migraine pain or gastric complaints, drinking black turmeric powder mixed with them gives great relief. If black turmeric paste is applied on the forehead, it provides great relief in migraine pain.
Black turmeric is very beneficial in keeping your diet system in good shape. Its consumption is quite effective to relieve constipation, diarrhea or abdominal cramps.
Applying black turmeric paste is considered very effective to stop bleeding. It is applied as a paste on any wound or sprain.
Black turmeric also gives relief from joint pain. Its root is used in diseases like arthritis, asthma, epilepsy.

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