Nurses Day: Kovid has become an example of courage, meet 54-year-old nursing officer Shefali


New Delhi. Today is International Nurses Day. Nurses in India have always been known for selfless service and humane behavior, but nurses who saved millions of lives by risking their lives and their families during the horrific period of Corona Pandemic will always be remembered. . In the last two years, where there was fear and uneasiness in the whole world regarding the highly contagious disease, while the nurses in the hospitals were performing their duty with full engrossment. This was the reason that the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) gave him the title of Corona Warrior.

Today, on the occasion of Nurses Day, we are going to introduce you to such a Nursing Officer, who has always taken care of challenging patients in his 31 years of service, while when the most difficult times of Corona came, he was the Ram of Delhi. Manohar Lohia first took the front in the hospital and is still handling it.


Two years ago today, in 2020, when the cases of corona were first reported, they reached RML Hospital in Delhi. This was the time when not much was known about Corona and the spread of this disease was being reported from foreign countries through contact with each other. When the first flight reached Delhi after the Corona outbreak in Wuhan, China, it was mostly young people studying in China, some Indians and some Chinese. There were some women too. Around 10 suspects reached Delhi’s RML Hospital during this period. For whom the first Kovid ward was made and Nursing Officer Shefali Malik was made in-charge of this ward. Today, not only in the hospital, but there will hardly be anyone who does not appreciate their spirit and courage.


It was not easy to see the piles of dead bodies.
Shefali, who wore PPE kit for the first time at the age of 54, tells in a conversation with News 18 Hindi that it was a sudden disaster in the year 2020. Just like a sudden war broke out in the era of peace, for this a team of doctors was formed, a team of nursing staff was formed, PPE kit had to be worn continuously for 5-6 hours. There was not much information about Kovid, so for the safety of the patients who were coming, AC was not to be run in the Kovid ward. Wearing PPE kit within an hour, the condition used to worsen. The patients were terrified. The relatives of the patients used to cry and wanted to meet the patient but it was not possible to do so. It was a very difficult time but even more dire times were seen in the second wave of Corona. When the dead bodies were piled up. There was a wait of 3-3 hours in the mortuary. Patients were dying continuously in the Kovid ward.


Shefali, a single mother and nursing officer of RML, with her two children. Shefali says that she worked in the trauma center of the hospital in her nursing service of 31 years. There used to come one to one serious patient, but the outcry seen in Corona was very difficult. If I had to come on duty every day, I had to go to night and sleep after eating crocin. Then duty from 6 am to evening. Mental tension had increased. When young men and women used to see children dying from Corona, they used to remember their children. Sometimes there would be desperation but then one had to mobilize to save someone’s life. Day and night it keeps going on in the mind that no one should die. How to save everyone

Being a single mother faced challenges but children gave courage

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FIRST PUBLISHED : May 12, 2022, 17:16 IST

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