On the question of leaving SP and joining another party, Azam Khan even talked about retirement, know what he said


Azam Khan Exclusive Interview: Samajwadi Party veteran Muslim leader Azam Khan has come out of jail. With his release, the speculation market has started heating up once again in the politics of the state. While Azam is said to be angry with Akhilesh Yadav and Mulayam Yadav, on the other hand, there is a lot of discussion about his next move.

Meanwhile, Azam Khan has had a special conversation with ABP after coming out of jail. In the conversation, when 90 cases were registered against him, he said that so many cases were registered against him within only 20 days. He said that there were so many cases against him but till now he has not been able to know the reason for this. Why did I become a target, only the target person knows.


He said that cases of dacoity have been imposed on me. Targeting BJP, Azam said that I do not know what crime I have committed. Although it may be that working in the education sector is a crime. Azam said that I have worked on the education of children from school to college so that their studies can be done cheaply.


Azam Khan has also been accused of building a university by occupying the land of Dalits. Talking on this, he said that this allegation is completely false. But even if it is so, then the temple of education should have been helped. However, he made it clear that the land was taken as part of the entire process.

Kapil Sibal joins in legal battle

Azam Khan thanked Kapil Sibal and said that he has given a lot of support in the work of the court. On Sibal becoming a Rajya Sabha MP, he said that I am happy that he is with us. Apart from being a good person, he is also a big name.


Azam Khan was asked that it is being discussed in the political world that you have advocated the name of Sibal. In response to this, he said that it is not necessary to talk about what happened, how it happened. However, he said that he does not believe in such politics. Azam said that if he had done such politics, then today so many cases would not have been filed against him.

Mulayam Singh did not come to the jail to meet

On Mulayam Singh not coming to meet him in jail, Azam said that he might not have got time. He said that I was kept in the third grade barracks. where there were no facilities. When Mulayam ji saw this, he felt very bad. So it was okay for him not to come. On the question of going to another party, Azam Khan said that politics is not very important. If needed, I will take retirement. When questioned about bad relations with Akhilesh Yadav, Azam Khan said that there is no reason for bad relations with him. I don’t even consider myself in that place to make any complaint, complaint or claim.

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