Parenting Puzzle: How To Recognize Children’s Heartache Gestures


New Delhi. Many times children have to face such bad experiences, on which parents do not pay attention to them in time, then their shadow stays with them for life. This shadow not only affects the physical, mental and social development of children, as well as sometimes leaving children in a suffocation for the whole life.

This suffocation from the shadow of bitter experiences not only makes children far away from their loved ones, but also brings their morale and self-confidence to their knees. Not only keep an eye, but if you see anything unusual openly talk to the children about it.

Regarding these bitter experiences of children, Dr. Shailesh Jha, Senior Psychiatrist, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, says that first of all, we should not deny that bitter experiences have to be faced only by children of a particular section of the society. It is a misconception that our children cannot fall prey to bitter experiences.


Parents and guardians should openly accept that this bitter experience is not only a fact, but its reality exists in the society. We should create awareness and create acceptance about the social bitter experiences that happen with children.

Their bitter experiences are reflected in the behavior of children.
According to Dr. Shailesh Jha, it is necessary for the parents to keep a constant watch on the daily changes in the behavior of the children, as the silent features of these bitter experiences start clearly showing in the behavior of our children. The early stages are very frightening for children facing bitter experiences.


His reactions are very shocking. Children cry loudly for no reason. Children do not sleep, children who are always shaken with everyone suddenly start ignoring close people and start social distancing.

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He said that children who are constantly experiencing bitter experiences suddenly avoid going to school or participating in social gatherings. Their attachment to the relationship gradually diminishes. They go to school, but their marks or grades keep getting low. Do not take interest in things as before, start being lost in themselves etc. By easily identifying these symptoms, one can find out the identity of the bitter experiences happening with the children. If the parents do not pay attention to the children in time, then its serious consequences start to be seen and these results can be different in every case. Some children may turn to the criminal world, some children may fall into drug addiction


These things have to be kept in mind to save the lives of children
Dr. Shailesh Jha explains that the problem of anxiety is seen for a long time in some children who have experienced bitter experiences. In such cases, it is very common for children to go into deep depression. Apart from this, the effect of these bitter experiences directly starts to be seen on the personality of the children as well. It is seen many times that due to the loss of trust in the relationship, their behavior becomes very rude.

Sometimes this behavior travels with children. Similarly, due to the low morale of many children, their self-confidence also starts to weaken. Despite having the ability and knowledge, he is not able to keep his point in front of the people properly. There are many such effects which are seen throughout life in children who have been exposed to bitter experiences in childhood.

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That is why it is important that you try to know the heart of the children without putting pressure on them. Try to explore every relationship that is bothering your child. If he is suddenly insisting not to go to school, try to find out psychologically the reason that is bothering your child without any force with the child.

If the child’s behavior is beyond your understanding even after all your efforts, then you should contact a psychologist or child mental health specialist to get to the root of your child’s problem, only then you can not only keep your child’s life safe. Rather, you will be able to save other children from the unbearably bitter experiences that cause lifelong pain.

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