Parenting Puzzle: Is this parental ‘company’ making children a victim of low-confidence?


Parenting Puzzle: Perhaps you all will agree that as our company is, so is our future. You probably will not deny that association not only affects our nature, conduct and character, but also forms the basis of our good or weak morale.

Therefore, all of us constantly try to convince our children that they should have good company. If you keep company with good children, you will become good, if the company is bad then the results will also be bad. In the midst of all this, have you ever wondered with whom do children have the first ‘association’?

So the answer to this question is that the first association of children is with their parents. Children include a new experience in their lives every day by seeing the behavior of their parents or other guardians in childhood.


This experience not only writes a new chapter in the life of children, but also determines their morale. Therefore, the first association of parents with children should be filled with very positive communication and positive expressions. Otherwise, children can lose their confidence and morale for life.

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According to Dr. Shailesh Jha, Psychiatrist of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, the biggest misconception of parents or guardians is about the understanding of children. Most people believe that ‘children are still very young, they will not be able to understand them’. Two things arise because of this misunderstanding.

First of all, considering the children to be mindless, you start doing many such activities in front of them, which have a bad effect on the child’s mind and keep doing home in their mind. Whenever many children with the same feelings meet, then over the years, these things which have been on the surface of the mind start showing in their behavior.

Whereas in the second thing, parents or guardians consider their children to be ignorant and only tell them what to do and what not to do. They don’t try to explain why they should or shouldn’t do it.


These things of parents have a negative effect on children’s mind-brain, decision making ability and their self-confidence. In the current situation, parents have to understand that even very young children have been exposed to so much that they have started to understand a lot. You can communicate with them and explain your point.

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According to Dr. Shailesh Jha, Psychiatrist at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, often parents tell the children about the final decision. To do this from yesterday or not to do it from today. Once again I would say that children are not told why to do and why not to do it.

Similarly, children do not know what will be praised and what will be scolded. The result of lack of communication with children is that children are always confused whether to tell their parents about something or not.

Dr. Shailesh Jha tells the parents or guardians that whatever you expect from the children, talk to your child about it. Try to understand his feelings. Then tell her how and why she needs to do it in the future.

The kind of environment children have in the present time, they will understand your point. Otherwise, you will affect the decision making ability and confidence of your children. Not only this, your children can also fall in the grip of serious illness like nervousness and depression.

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