Pass on Ram Mandir-Article 370, fails on inflation-unemployment, BJP may ‘play’ in 2024


Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Survey: Only one year is left for the Lok Sabha elections to be held in 2024. BJP is making efforts to come to power for the third consecutive time. At the same time, other opposition parties including the Congress have pinned their hopes on the anti-incumbency wave. Overall, all political parties including BJP-Congress are engaged in improving their political equations. Meanwhile, a survey by C-Voter and India Today has come out to know the mood of the public regarding the Lok Sabha elections 2024.

According to this survey, if elections are held today, there is a possibility of return of BJP-led NDA government in the country once again. However, in the survey, Congress is expected to get 22 percent votes and others 39 percent votes. If the vote percentage of Congress and others are added, then it looks far ahead of the figure of 39 percent vote percentage that BJP can get. On this basis, the possibility is being expressed that in 2024 BJP can be ‘played’.


Modi government passed on Kovid, Ram Mandir, Article 370


According to the survey, tackling Kovid-19 has emerged as the biggest achievement of the NDA government at the Center led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 20 percent people have put their stamp on it. Along with this, Modi government’s decision to remove Article 370 has been considered as a big achievement by 14 percent people. At the same time, the issues of Ram Mandir, Kashi Vishwanath do not seem to have much effect on the people. Only 11 percent people have considered this as an achievement of the Modi government. Only 8 percent of the people have considered the public welfare schemes being run by the Modi government as a big achievement.


There will hardly be any two opinions about the fact that PM Narendra Modi and BJP have used issues like dealing with Kovid-19, Article 370 and Ram Mandir-Kashi Vishwanath very well in every election. Along with this, through public welfare schemes (free ration scheme), BJP has also created a large beneficiary group in its favor. All these things can be called plus points for BJP.

Will ‘Khela’ happen due to failure on inflation-unemployment?

In this survey, a question was asked to the people that what is the biggest failure of the central government? On this question, 25 percent people have considered inflation as the biggest failure of the government. At the same time, 17 percent people have stamped on the issue of unemployment as a big failure. Dealing with Corona has been described as the biggest failure of the government by 8 per cent and economic development by 6 per cent.

Inflation and unemployment have always been included in the main issues of all the opposition parties including the Congress. The opposition parties have not spared any offense in speaking out against the Modi government regarding this. Congress and other political parties are hoping that Modi will prove to be the weak vein of the government on the issue of inflation and unemployment.

However, the prime minister Narendra Modi 67 percent of the people put their stamp on the functioning of the NDA government at the center led by K.K. 18 percent people did not like the functioning of the government and they have called it bad. At the same time, 11 percent people have described the functioning of the government as good.

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