Self growth is the only key which can give you the happiness of eternity. Personal development says, ‘What you become is much more important than what you get.‘ It involves the development of mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Have you ever felt, there is something lacking inside even after you’re surrounded by everything you need? Well, this is the void inside you which needs to flourish.

You need to enhance yourself more than focusing on your job and money. You know that the skills matter. If you have productive skills, prosperity will come after you, you don’t have to chase one.

Personal development enhances your awareness, polish your skills, develop your personality, enhance your quality of life, build human capital, give you the aim and goals of your life, and give you the perfect Identity of what you truly are.

Personal development takes you to the peak of generating the real you, it is a lifelong process, should never stop. Learn daily from your surroundings, this world is round but bigger than you think. Personal development is all about developing life skills to get the better version of yourself. Developing new habits are not easy, but it’s possible. Self growth is a push, struggle and a challenge.


Let’s find out the answers of some questions which you must have had in your mind sometime !

1) How can one handle terrible situations without being frantic?

2) How can one be optimistic all the time?

3) How can one deal with coming and going forever people?

4) How can one never give up even after a lot of hurdles?

5) How to be opportunistic rather than waiting for opportunities to come?

Let me tell you, all the answers of these questions lay in you.


It improvises and maximizes our potential to the next level if we want to be good at handling every aspect of life.

Let’s inculcate, What can help you to upgrade yourself !!

1) Self Confidence : 

No doubt Confidence is attractive, it is a way to success. Present yourself as what you want to be then you will automatically see a great change in your personality. Help people who are in need, this will make you happy and contributes a little in Making self-confidence. Know you’ve worth and connect with other people. Confidence is trusting yourself, have a full faith in a task you do.  

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2) Attractive Body language, better Personality : 

Body language is the non-verbal communication. It should be pleasing. Expressions help to convey what you want to understand by others. Let your body be calm, comfortable, and confident. Let your gestures show that you’re enjoying doing presentations, you’re interested, approachable and open.

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3) Active listening than hearing : 

Pay attention, let the speaker know that you’re listening, not just hearing from one ear and removing from the other. Ask questions, respond appropriately, acknowledge the message, apply to yourself, don’t get judgemental and provide feedback if required. These small things will take you to opt bigger opportunities by self improving.

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4) Get along with yourself, Accept Yourself :

Self acceptance can be hard, but making a measurable process is what counts. Accept your flaws (where you’re lacking), skills, experiences, past life, limitations, philosophies and accept there are things which need improvements. It is the ability to acknowledge and value all of yourself. The first step of personal development is accept what you truly are and do whatever it takes to be a better human.

5) Stop Procrastinating, Stop running : 

Set simple and achievable goals. The reason we Procrastinate is the task at hand seems too intimidating. It’s all in our mind, Procrastinating can’t be cured, yes it is true, but you can change your thinking. Reward yourself instead of avoid. Try to stop delay, you would be more happy. Making yourself disciplined is part of self growth.

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6) Let go of the past, stop over-thinking about Future :

Accept that you can’t change whatever has happened. Once someone said, whatever happens is for good. Try to find the good before giving up hope. You have experience from the past that you can use to future situations. Live-in present, do not let past and future strangle you. Over-thinking gives you nothing but gradually destroying your present. It’s more than better to do than think.

7) Banish stress, stop negativity : 

Accept there are events that you can’t control, be assertive, rather than aggressive. Stop giving importance to those who harm your inner peace and soul. Don’t compare yourself with what you see on social media, Faking anything, it all it does. Don’t be the addictive user of social media, a large amount of negativity comes from there only. Do breathing exercises, keep a positive attitude towards any situation. Bad phases wouldn’t last long.

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 Read Healthy,  write (Dil ki) : 

Reading articles helps you to understand yourself better. Every person is different, their beliefs are different. It helps you to understand your unique Personality. Understanding your prejudices along with gaining knowledge, reading is a boon.

Writing helps you to clear your mind, whatever is bothering you in the back of your head just write it down in a diary with a commitment in the end. Writing eases the feeling of emotional trauma. Read books of Personal development which gives you the tip to grow eternally.

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Share yourself, share your skills : 

Sharing your surplus skills to others gives you the power of courage, confidence, boldness, and making your communication skills at peak. By teaching others takes you close to mastery, and we all know sharing is caring. Personal development needs improvement from every aspect of your body.

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10) Increase will-power, Increase Mindfulness :

Willpower is the ability to resist short-term temptations, and distractions to meet the set long-term goals. Increase your capacity to take pressure, stick to the plan, don’t give up, sleep properly to manage your brain better, meditate. It is utterly important to be present, and fully engage with whatever we are doing. Instruct your mind what to think, and what to not.

11) Don’t hesitate to meet new people, explore yourself : 

Try to be an extrovert. Meet new people, their cultures, their language, different opinions. Exploring yourself will change your insight into seeing the world. It will become more exciting than you ever thought. It would be a profound effect on your personality with a bolder, confident, stronger and newer you. This will develop you mentally, socially and emotionally.

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12) Strict your daily routine, wake up early :

Your success depends upon what you do daily to achieve it. How much time are you giving to accomplish your goals?

Waking up early helps in the proper functioning of the body that includes increased supply of oxygen in blood muscles, tissue repairs, bone repair, reduced blood pressure level, reduced stress and full relaxation of the body. Just waking up early gives you a healthy body, then why not taking it seriously? Remember, what you do in your free time decides what you’ll become.

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13) Choose your circle, don’t limit yourself — 

A person gets influenced by the company he keeps, so choose wisely. Your dreams are delicate, they need the right mix of people to bring it to reality. You shouldn’t set limitations for yourself, you’re in your growing age, explore as much as you can. Grab experience, no experience is waste.

You need to apply it all on yourself. No one can stop you to reach the Pinnacle of your life. Developing new skills, make yourself stronger from every aspect, and then you’ll be on the way to a productive and satisfying life!!

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Winding up  

Upgrade the whole you. Enlighten your brain with Knowledge, polish your skills, get new talents, have patience, mindfulness, make plans and strategies, read books, papers, maintain a journal, meditate. These are the ladders which can bring you the best out of you, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT !!


1) How not to be Pessimistic?

• Be positive as a proton.

• Be more passionate.

• Handle your emotions.

• Share a little, care a little.

• Praise the one in front of you and live with you.

• Communicate Effectively.

• Be a fighter.

• Possess the quality of patience.

• Learn the art of breathing.

2) What are the aspects of Self growth? 

There are 5 aspects of Personal Development. It involves spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, and social aspects.

3) How can I improve my personal development?

• Have faith in yourself.

• Stay away from social media, but not from people socially.

• Improve your time table, make it worth it.

• Read more, Read often.

• Explore yourself to different places, grab knowledge.

• Keep yourself healthy and wise.

4) How can I develop myself?

• Take baby steps if you made a plan, don’t rush.

• Learn from others’ mistakes.

• Stop Procrastinate. Get up and move.

• learn from your surroundings.

• Open up your eyes, ears and your mind when you go out. Not let anyone fool you.

• Stop underestimating yourself.


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