Pilot Project Failed! Know how the ‘magician’ played a big game before the meeting of the legislature party


Rajasthan Politics: In Rajasthan, the drama of Congress leaders and MLAs was seen in public on Sunday. A meeting of the Congress Legislature Party was called at seven o’clock in the evening, in which it was believed that CM Ashok Gehlot would resign from his post and the name of the new CM would be announced unanimously in the meeting. Earlier, Ashok Gehlot went to the temple of Tanot Mata in Jaisalmer and offered prayers there and prayed for peace and harmony in the country. He made a big disclosure and said that I had told Sonia Gandhi to resign from my post in August itself.

MLAs played before the meeting

After Gehlot’s resignation, there was talk of Sachin Pilot’s claim for the post of CM and the possibility was also being expressed that his name would be announced. But according to sources, even before the meeting of the legislature party, the MLAs spoiled the whole game and Sachin’s pilot project collapsed. The MLAs divided into two factions are standing in support of their respective leaders. On one hand, where the MLAs of the Gehlot faction say that they thought of resigning, why did they not consult us. They are not ready to make Sachin Pilot the CM.


Gehlot faction ready to resign

Before the meeting of the legislature party, the angry MLAs of the Gehlot faction held a meeting at the residence of Congress MLA Shanti Dhariwal in Jaipur. After that left there by bus. In this meeting, the MLAs took their resignations and reached Speaker CP Joshi’s residence by bus. In this way he told his intention that he is not going to attend the legislature party meeting. Congress MLAs said that if the head of our family (Ashok Gehlot) listens to us, then our displeasure will go away.


Gehlot becomes president first, then CM should be changed

Among the MLAs, Pratap Singh Khachariyawas said, ‘Whoever the MLAs of Rajasthan will be with, the leader will be the same. Rajasthan has more than 100 MLAs on one side and 10-15 MLAs on the other. The voice of 10-15 MLAs will be heard and the rest will not. The party does not listen to us, decisions are taken automatically. Khachariyawas said that after Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot becomes the party president, there will be talk of changing the CM. Any one of the 102 MLAs can become the Chief Minister. Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Ashok Gehlot will decide this.


Pilot project failed, MLAs did the game

Sources claimed that around 80 MLAs, including independents, have resigned. Some of these MLAs indirectly cited Pilot as saying that Gehlot’s successor should be someone who played a key role in saving the government during the political crisis in 2020, and not someone who was involved in an attempt to topple it. . From this situation, there are indications of deepening of the struggle for power between the Chief Minister and Sachin Pilot.

Gehlot said – wherever I live, it doesn’t matter

Earlier today, Gehlot said that Congress has given me a lot, now the new generation should also get a chance. No position matters to me. I wish to live in Rajasthan. Gehlot said that it does not matter where I am going, in which position I will be, only time will tell. I want that good atmosphere should be maintained in Rajasthan also. It is my duty to be with the people of Rajasthan in every happiness and sorrow.

BJP took a jibe

BJP is also keeping an eye on this whole incident. The BJP leader also took a jibe and said that the ongoing conflict in the Congress is endless. After July 2020, now once again the A and B team of Kauravas are face to face and the head-footing in the magic of the magician is at its peak. At the same time, the people of Rajasthan have again been left in the trust of God.

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