Pink Meenakari uniforms, PM Modi gives this special Banarasi gift to foreign guests


PM Modi Pramoting Regional Craft: Prime Minister Modi is playing the role of a brand ambassador in taking forward a special art of his parliamentary constituency Varanasi. In fact, the art of pink enamel in Banaras is hundreds of years old, but due to lack of adequate protection, its artists were facing bad days. But to promote the very beautiful pink enameled items included in the One District One Product Scheme of the UP government, the Prime Minister himself started carrying these items in his foreign tours. The Prime Minister gives these items as gifts to his special guests. Due to this the demand for these goods has increased.


CM Yogi also gifts art pieces with pink enamel
Chief Minister Yogi also keeps gifting beautiful pink enamel products under the government scheme ODOP and GI Products to his special guests. The effect of these gifts of Prime Minister Modi and CM Yogi has been that now the demand for pink enameled goods has started increasing in the country and abroad. CM Yogi has also appealed to the common people that people should use pink enamel items for gifting.


Women will play the skill of pink meenakari
Where Pink Meenakari is making a splash in the whole world with its beautiful workmanship. The same is also proving helpful in making women self-reliant. Under the “Samarth” scheme of the UP government, women are also being taught the skill of pink meenakari. Artists were turning away from Pink Meenakari due to the government’s disregard for this art. But by taking training with men, especially women, are once again joining this ancient art.


65 Days Course in Pink Meenakari
The Deputy Director of Handicrafts Department, Syed Abdullah said that a training program named “Samarth” is being run to teach the skill of pink meenakari. This training program is of 65 days. In which the government also gives incentive amount to the trainees at the rate of Rs 300 per day. This training program is being conducted by the Ministry of Textiles.

Incentive money and certificate
According to Syed Abdullah, Assistant Director of UP Handicrafts Department, the training program is going on from October 2, 2021. So far 60 women have taken training. In which about 70 percent women are becoming self-reliant by working directly. While the rest is earning by working part time. The success of the training program can be gauged from the fact that there is a waiting list going on in it. To make the training program robust, biometric attendance, videography is done. In which 80 percent attendance is mandatory. The team passes the trainees after assigning them, after which incentive money and certificates are also given.

CM Yogi’s appeal
National Awardee Shri Kunj Bihari, who is giving training, said that the Prime Minister definitely gives a unique gift of pink enamel to his foreign guests. While the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath They also keep giving gifts to people like pink enamel. Due to the appeal of Chief Minister Yogi to give gifts like pink meenakari to the common people, the demand for the skills of hand craftsmen has increased and pink meenakari has got lifelong.

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