Politics intensified after the accident, Ramveer Singh Bidhuri raised these serious questions on Kejriwal government


Mundka Fire Politics: 27 people lost their lives when a fire broke out in a building in Delhi’s Mundka at around 4 pm on Friday. Many questions are being raised on this fire that how this accident happened and who is responsible for it. Meanwhile, politics has also intensified in Delhi regarding this. Today, the Leader of Opposition of the Delhi Assembly, Ramvir Singh Bidhuri, held a press conference and raised many questions related to this fire. BJP leader Ramveer Singh Bidhuri while targeting Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal asked him that for the last many days there has been fire in many places in Delhi. The people where the fire broke out in Mundka say that the vehicles of the fire department arrived late.

According to Ramveer Singh Bidhuri, the local people there helped the trapped people to get out. The crane did not reach there in time, otherwise some more lives might have been saved. The BJP leader asked whether the fire department had ever visited that building. Kejriwal says that we give electricity to the people 24 hours a day, so why was the generator running under that building. What action did the SDM of the area take. Such information has also come that the building was on the land of the Gram Sabha. There the generator was being operated illegally.


BJP raised questions on Kejriwal government
BJP leader Ramvir Singh Bidhuri raised questions on the responsibilities of the fire department with the Kejriwal government. But what is the responsibility of the BJP-ruled MCD on this and what should be decided. When ABP News questioned him on this, at first he answered in very subdued words. But after that, when many tough questions were asked to him, he accepted this and said that if there is negligence of MCD in this, then investigation should be done and the responsibility should be fixed.


Let us tell you that on the place where this three-storey building was built in Mundka, BJP hid its responsibility by questioning the land of the Gram Sabha and the lack of Delhi government. But here the big question becomes that if this building is built there, then how did the MCD allow this building to be built without fire NOC and other things. On the other hand, if any commercial work was going on here, then how was it happening in this residential building without the license of MCD.

Ramveer Singh Bidhuri demanded investigation
Ramveer Singh Bidhuri said that MCD officials have been given notice whether there was anything wrong there. There has been a shortage of Delhi government, whether there has been a shortage of fire department, whether there is a shortage of MCD, there should be an inquiry. Milk of milk will become water of water. Responsibility should be fixed, whether the Delhi government is responsible for it or whether the MCD is responsible. But these incidents must stop. Arvind Kejriwal should get it investigated by the sitting judge of Delhi High Court and the responsibility should be fixed.


North MCD Mayor is shirking responsibilities!
At the same time, when Delhi’s North MCD Mayor Raja Iqbal Singh was talked about his responsibility, he first of all denied that he had any responsibility in this regard. When he was asked about the permission of the building and commercial work without license, he said that he had initially built it for residential purpose. After that used commercial. Neither he had any license nor fire NOC. If there was a fire, they did not have any equipment to extinguish it. Inquiry has been ordered, report has been sought within 48 hours.

Public awareness is also lacking – Mayor
He further said that let the report come, strict action will be taken on whichever officer will be involved in it. Along with this, the Delhi government will also be told that the people of the fire department did a good job. But that too has been lacking. He didn’t have any license. But there is no responsibility of MCD in this, there is no involvement. It is learned that the fire has started due to short circuit. The floor was made according to the residential area tha residence. This is a 20 year old building, not today’s building. We have put our encroachment drive and wherever there is illegal construction, work is being done on it. We all have the responsibility. But the lack of public awareness can also say that we close our eyes. We all lack. Let the report come, it is difficult to say anything now.

However, 27 innocent people are burnt to death in the fire and the leaders are doing the politics of accusation and counter-accusation away from responsibility. Now the question is, how long will this incident be investigated and who will be responsible for the death of these innocent people and how will this responsibility be decided.

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