Post covid diseases which can be fatal later, protect yourself in this way


Post Covid-19 Health Problems: Those who have survived the pandemic after getting infected with the coronavirus know that the problems do not end after recovery. There are countless examples of post-Covid complications in patients who have recovered from corona. Heart disease, kidney diseases and brain stroke are some of the complications that can occur after exposure to the virus. At the same time, a study published in the journal Nature said that people who have recovered from Kovid have a higher risk of dying within six months. Another study by the University of Washington states that even mild cases of Kovid-19 can cause death within the same period (6 months).


It is clear that people who recover after suffering from corona for a long time are more prone to diseases like kidney and heart disease, blood clots and brain stroke.


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News published in Hindustan Times Report Dr Charu Dutt Arora, Consultant Physician, Asian Hospital, Faridabad, says, “Long term covid-19” complications can lead to serious illness or mortality. Several studies conducted in the US during the year 2020-21 have found that complications affecting the vascular system, cardio-respiratory system and nervous system can also lead to death.


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Elaborating on how COVID-19, a respiratory disease, can affect other parts of the body, the doctor said, “Scientists at Washington University in St. Louis have determined that there is an association between blood clot development and vascular inflammation. The increase can lead to sudden cardiac arrest, venous thrombosis and stroke.”

Liver damage, respiratory failure and heart attack are some of the diseases that can lead to the death of Covid survivors.

Monitoring your diet and health parameters is essential to ensure that you do not catch any disease post-coronavirus. Due to which your life may also be in danger.

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Dr. Charu said. “A balanced diet with plenty of fiber and fluids is a must for all post covid patients. It is essential to do deep breathing exercises, follow infection control measures and get examined by a physiotherapist to avoid sudden respiratory complications.

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