Prashant Kishor took a jibe at the Chief Minister of Bihar, said- Nitish Kumar has rightly said…


Prashant Kishor On Nitish Kumar: Prashant Kishor, who is going to start his political journey in Bihar, has taken a jibe at Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Reversing Nitish Kumar’s statement, he said, “Nitish ji rightly said – the importance is of truth and the truth is that even after 30 years of Lalu-Nitish rule, Bihar is today the poorest and most backward state in the country. ”

He further tweeted, “A new thinking and effort is needed to change Bihar and this is possible only with the collective efforts of the people there.”


Earlier, on the statement given by Prashant Kishor on Thursday, the Chief Minister had told the media that only you people know whether the work has been done or not. He said, “Who speaks what does not matter. The importance of truth. Everyone knows what has happened and how much work has been done. We do not give importance to anyone’s words.” Pointing to the media, Nitish Kumar said that if you all know, then only you people tell and answer.


In fact, Prashant Kishor had said on Thursday about the last three decades of Nitish Kumar and Lalu Yadav’s tenure that despite the two leaders being in the state for a long time, it is indisputable that Bihar is at the bottom of all development indices. is. He said the state needed a new political alternative.

Prashant Kishor said he would try to personally meet around 18,000 people and share his ‘Jana Suraj’ vision with them before embarking on a 3000-km padyatra from Gandhi Ashram in West Champaran on October 2, the birthday of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. will share.

Avoiding questions about his future political steps, Kishor said, “Even if we move towards forming a party, it will not be Prashant Kishor’s party, but the people who are forming the party together in it, a brick is theirs.” And a brick will be mine too.

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