Rahul Gandhi said – CM is not king in Telangana, Congress will waive farmers’ loans


Rahul Gandhi in Telangana: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi addressed a public meeting in Warangal to show solidarity with the farmers of Telangana. Rahul Gandhi said in Telangana that this is a new state, it was not created easily. He said that the youth of this state, the mothers here have given their blood and tears to make this state. This state was not made for any one person. It was a dream, the dream of the people of Telangana.

Rahul Gandhi said that it has been 8 years, I want to ask you that the dream of Telangana, the dream of progress, what happened to that dream. Entire Telangana can see that one family has benefited tremendously. But I want to ask you that what benefit did the people of Telangana get? Did you get employment?


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‘Here the CM is not the king’

Rahul Gandhi said that today the widows of farmers are on stage here, crying. Whose responsibility is this? She is not alone, there are thousands of sisters in Telangana whose husband committed suicide. Rahul Gandhi said that today in Telangana it is said that the Chief Minister is there, but he is not the Chief Minister, but the king. What is the difference between a king and a chief minister? The king does not listen to the voice of the people, the chief minister listens to the voice of the people.


‘will forgive the loan of 2 lakhs’

Rahul Gandhi said that we have a government in Chhattisgarh, there we made two promises, which we fulfilled. Rahul Gandhi said that the farmers said that we need loan waiver. We heard their voice, you go there and ask what we have done for the farmers. Today your Chief Minister listens only to the voices of industrialists. Rahul Gandhi said that no family in Telangana needs to panic. As soon as the Congress government is formed here, our party will waive the loan of 2 lakhs. Rahul said that these are not empty words. The dream of Telangana cannot be fulfilled without the protection of farmers.

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