Rahul Gandhi’s big attack on Modi government over rising inflation


Rahul Gandhi On BJP: Rising inflation in the country is increasing the problems of the people day by day. Wholesale inflation has reached the highest level in 9 years. In the month of April 2022, the Wholesale Price Index based inflation rate (WPI based Inflation) has crossed 15 percent to 15.08 percent as compared to 14.55 percent in March. At the same time, on this rising inflation, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi once again attacked the BJP and said that BJP’s issues are riots and dictatorship.


Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “Public issues – earnings, inflation, BJP’s issues – riots, dictatorship. If the country has to progress, then BJP’s negative thinking and hate politics have to be defeated. Let’s join ‘India’ together.” Let us tell you, in February 2022, the inflation rate based on the Wholesale Price Index was 13.11 percent. This is the highest level of the last five months. In January 2022, the inflation rate was 12.96 percent. The inflation rate was constant for more than a year. In double figures, a year ago, the wholesale inflation rate was at 10.74 per cent.


Retail inflation increased

According to the Ministry of Commerce, the main reason for inflation in the month of April 2022 is the rise in the prices of petroleum, natural gas, mineral oil, basic metals, which has arisen due to disruption in global supply chain due to Russia-Ukraine war. Homesell inflation has crossed 15 per cent. Whereas the retail inflation data last week, according to which the retail inflation rate has been at its highest level since May 2014 at 7.79 percent.

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