Railway employees used to spread rumors of bombs in the train, know what is the reason


MP Railway Bomb Threats: A shocking revelation has come to light in the case of spreading rumors of bombs in Ujjain trains. In the investigation of the police, it has been found that only the cleaning staff of the railways used to give false information about the bomb. Two people have been arrested in this case. The names of the arrested accused are being told as Milan and Pramod. Both of them work as scavengers in the railways on the contract of a private company. One person gave false information about a bomb in the train through a tweet on May 11 and the other on May 18.


In the police interrogation, both these accused have given a very interesting reason for giving false information about the bomb. They say that they used to live in the train continuously, due to which they were not able to meet their family for a long time. He spread such false rumors to spend time with his family.


Indore’s SP, GRP Nivedita Gupta said, “A person tweeted on May 11 and 18 and informed about the bomb being planted in the train. We checked both times but the bomb was not found. With the help of cyber cell, we sent 2 people to Ujjain. They are 25 and 44 years old. Both of them are sweepers in the railways. Due to being in the train continuously, these people could not spend time with their family members. The train was late and these people were with their families. These people used to do this so that they could spend time. We have registered a case under IPC Section 177, IT Act 66(F) and Railway Act 150(A).”

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