Rapid eye movement sleep strengthens your emotional memories, know what it is


It is true that getting good sleep is beneficial for physical and mental health and scientists have also been saying this thing in advance that sleep has a big role in the proper functioning of the brain. Now a study has come to the fore that a common man can strengthen his emotional memories i.e. emotional memory with rapid eye movement (REM) sleep (the second stage of sleep). This Study by researchers from the University of Bern. This result strengthens other recent studies, according to which sleep calms the neuronal activity of the brain. The findings of this study in the journal Science published

Has been done.

Let us tell you that the prefrontal cortex in the brain is the part where most of the emotional processes take place. The study says that the pyramidal neurons of the brain remain strangely quiet when sleeping with rapid eye movement (REM).

understanding of right and wrong from sleep


Scientists previously could not believe that after all, how any part of the brain would control our emotions during sleep, because then it is not active. But, now the study showed that this is the difference between a sleeping and an awake brain. Silent and REM sleep can reset the entire body system. Meaning, with good sleep, the understanding of testing right and wrong is better.

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In such sleep, the message reached to the brain does not move forward.
During rapid eye movement the message is received in the brain, but the neurons do not carry it forward. In research, it was revealed that the neurons present in the sleeping brain in the REM way do transmit messages to one part of the brain, but that message does not go to the other part of the neuron itself. This research has been done on rats at the initial level. Scientists are trying to understand human sleep from its results.

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what is REM
The second stage of sleep is called rapid eye movement sleep. This is the phase in which we dream more and most of the sleep things (dream-events) of this time are remembered by us. At the same time, the earlier phase of sleep is called NREM i.e. non rapid eye movement sleep, in simple language it is called deep sleep. NREM is longer than REM.

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