Reducing the time of sitting can reduce the risk of many diseases – Study


In today’s lifestyle, due to the long working hours, one has to sit on the seat for a long time. Due to which the body remains in a non-active position for a long time. In such a situation, scientists believe that if the time of sitting continuously is reduced, then the risk of lifestyle diseases (BP-sugar etc.) can be reduced. In a recent study, researchers have said that if the sitting time is cut by even one hour daily and light exercise is done, then it helps in preventing lifestyle diseases.


Researchers from the Turku PET Center and UKK Institute in Finland Study Focused on whe ther physical gains can be achieved by reducing sitting time and exercising? Participants in the study included patients with type-2 diabetes and heart, as well as physically inactive adults.


How did the study happen?
Researchers compared two groups for the study, an intervention group that was asked to stand and reduce their sitting time by an hour daily through light-intensity physical activity. and another control group that was instructed to maintain their normal habits and non-active lifestyle.

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what the experts say
According to researcher Taru Garthwaite of the University of Turku, ‘The physical activity of the participants of both the groups included in this study was assessed regularly with accelerometer for three months. In earlier studies, activity was typically assessed for only a few days at the beginning and end. This makes it possible to obtain more information about actual behavioral changes over a longer period of time,’

What happened in the study
Researchers found that the intervention was able to reduce non-active time by an average of 50 minutes per day, increasing the group’s amount of mild- and moderate-intensity physical activity. Over a three-month period, the researchers saw benefits in the intervention group in health outcomes related to blood sugar regulation, insulin sensitivity and liver health.

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The findings of this study were published in the journal ‘Science and Medicine in Sports’. published Has been done.

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