Relief to students in Delhi, now schools will not be able to force them to buy books and dress from a particular shop


Delhi Private Schools: In the capital Delhi, now private schools will not be able to force parents to buy books and school dress from the school or any particular shop. The Delhi government has made preparations to crack down on such private schools. According to the new order of the Delhi government, now before the new session, private schools will have to release the class-wise list of books on their website. Due to which parents will be able to buy these goods from any shop according to their convenience.

The Kejriwal government has made preparations to put a stop to private schools forcing them to buy school uniforms and books at arbitrary prices. Private schools in Delhi will no longer be able to force parents to buy expensive books and school uniforms.


What orders have been given by the Delhi government?

Delhi’s Directorate of Education issued an order saying that no private school will now compel parents to buy books, study material and school uniforms from themselves or from any specific vendor and strict action will be taken against them for doing so. Also, the Directorate of Education has directed that no private school will change the colour, design and other specifications of the school dress for at least 3 years.


Under this order, private schools will already display the class wise list of books and other study material to be used in the coming session on the school website and at special places as per rules so that parents can be made aware about it. Apart from this, the school will also have to give the address and telephone number of at least 5 shops near the school on its website from where parents can buy books and school uniforms. Parents will be able to buy books and uniforms from any shop as per their convenience.


What will be the benefit to the parents?

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that this order is a sigh of relief for those parents who were forced to pay huge amount for books and clothes in private schools. He said that due to Corona, people suffered a lot financially for the last two years. In such a situation, it is difficult for parents to buy expensive books and school uniforms from a specific shop or school.

In such a situation, this order of the government will prove to be very helpful for the parents teaching their children in private schools and will provide them the freedom to buy books and clothes for the children from any place according to their convenience.

What did school do before?

According to the Kejriwal government of Delhi, private unaided recognized schools are run by trusts or societies and they have no scope for profit making and commercialization. In such a situation, this order will crack down on all those private schools which used to earn profit by taking a lot of money from the parents in the name of books and school dress.

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