Sachin Pilot told Congress ‘axis’, accuses BJP of resorting to anti-social elements


Chintan Shivir: Congress leader Sachin Pilot said on Thursday that the Congress is the pivot around which the anti-BJP alliance is formed and the party will have to continue to be this pivot. He also emphasized that the formation of UPA Plus-Plus is the best option to counter the BJP-led NDA in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. In an interview to PTI ahead of the start of the party’s ‘Chintan Shivir’, Pilot said that making a successful election strategy would be discussed prominently in this three-day camp.


BJP resorts to anti-social elements to divert attention from issues

Pilot accused the BJP of diverting attention from the real issues and said that some anti-social elements were trying to divert people’s attention from issues like inflation through demands like renaming of monuments and roads. He questioned whether the demand for renaming Qutub Minar or Taj Mahal is more important than reducing the skyrocketing prices of petrol, diesel, LPG and food items. Pilot said- These are such issues which are raised to divert attention from the real issues and to throw dust in the eyes of the people. That too at a time when the price of lemon has reached Rs 300 per kg, cylinder Rs 1000 and petrol at around Rs 125.


Chintan Shivir to give a new look to the organization

There is chaos in the fiscal management, the economic policies of the government have failed miserably and no one in the government is ready to take the responsibility. When asked about his expectations from ‘Chintan Shivir’, the former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan said that through this the party’s aim is to brainstorm, prepare a new blueprint, infuse the ideas of the party and adopt those changes going forward, So that the organization can be given a new look and preparations can be made to face the political challenges of the future.

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