Sadhguru’s ‘Save the soil’ campaign is getting success, 72 countries have agreed to make laws


Save The Soil Campaign: Sadhguru of Isha Foundation is running the “Save the soil” campaign. In this campaign, he has gone on a journey of 27 countries in 100 days riding on a single bike. Sadhguru will travel about 30 thousand km by bike. He started his journey in the month of March and till now he has completed half of his journey. During this, he traveled to the countries of the Middle East including most of Europe, the countries of the Middle East and urged the common citizens, including the public representatives, to make policies to save the soil. 52 per cent of our cultivable land has become drought-prone. The soil crisis in the world requires immediate attention from countries around the world.


Sadhguru is taking every possible risk for this purpose of motivating people through this campaign. During this journey, regardless of the adverse conditions, they are not shying away from traveling in snow, sand storm, trembling cold areas. During his visit, Sadhguru is meeting influential people including politicians, experts, citizens, media persons from different countries and requesting them to make positive policies on this serious subject.


The “Save Soil” campaign is getting positive support from all over the world. So far this campaign has reached 2 million people. As a result, 72 countries have agreed to make laws on “Save the Soil”. Sadhguru said, “Soil is not our property, we have inherited it from our ancestors, now it becomes our responsibility to secure it to our future generations.” ,

Sadhguru will reach Jamnagar in Gujarat by the end of this month. After this, he will visit 9 states in twenty-five days. Sadhguru will travel to different states of India and request the leaders, eminent persons, media persons to take appropriate steps in this direction at the earliest.

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