Sandalwood Benefits: Know the benefits of sandalwood paste rich in properties


Sandalwood Benefits: Some traditions in India have been going on for centuries. Applying sandalwood vaccine on the forehead is also included in this list. Sandalwood has special importance in worship too. Apart from this, sandalwood is also used in many cosmetic products. There are countless products in the market from sandalwood face packs to perfumes, room fresheners. Even in the midst of changing trends, there are lakhs of people who apply sandalwood tilak on the forehead. Today we tell you about such properties of sandalwood, knowing that you too will start using sandalwood paste.


Actually, along with being a part of Hindu religious custom, sandalwood also has a special scientific significance. This is the reason why many people apply sandalwood vaccine on the forehead, neck and top of the head. This tradition is still practiced from house to house in most parts of South India. There even women, men and children apply sandalwood tilak. Know about the unique benefits of sandalwood.


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Sandalwood is effective in relieving fever
Often a cold water bandage is placed on the head to reduce the body temperature in fever. But do you know that sandalwood is also used in dealing with fever. Actually, the effect of sandalwood is cold. By applying sandalwood paste on the forehead in fever, it acts like a natural medicine. The body temperature starts normalizing with sandalwood paste.


The secret of glowing skin is sandalwood
At present, people are choosing to use natural things again. This is the reason why sandalwood is being used in many cosmetic products. However, these products also contain chemicals. In such a situation, a face pack of sandalwood powder can also be applied to improve the skin. This not only brings glow to the skin but also improves the color complexion.

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Sandalwood is effective in headache
Sandalwood can be used to get rid of the problem of headache. Many times, due to heat, the nerves of the head get stretched, which causes headache. In such a situation, applying sandalwood paste on the head keeps the brain cool and gives relief from pain.

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