Sino-Russian fighter plane passed near Japanese airspace amid Quad Summit


China Russia Military Exercise: In Tokyo, the capital of Japan, when the heads of state of the Quad countries were preparing to crack down on China, at the same time the air forces of China and Russia were doing joint military exercises in the sky of the Sea of ??Japan. . On Tuesday evening, China’s Defense Ministry issued a brief statement saying that as part of the annual military cooperation, the air forces of China and Russia have covered the Japan-Sea, the East China Sea (East China Sea) and the Western Pacific Ocean (W).eastern pacific ocean) I shared the routine of strategic patrolling. Although no further information was given from China other than this statement, but later China’s official newspaper, People’s Daily shared a picture of China’s bomber (aircraft) patrolling in the sky along with the statement of Ministry of Defense. .


Let us tell you that the Prime Minister on Tuesday in Tokyo Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) had an important meeting with the heads of state of the Quad countries. Apart from PM Modi, the President of America, Joe Biden, Prime Minister of Japan Fumo Kishida and Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanes were present in this meeting. After this meeting, the four countries issued a joint statement. In the joint statement, China and Russia were targeted without naming them.


When China was directly targeted for showing grandeur in the South China Sea, Russia was commented on the Ukraine war. The conflict between America and Russia regarding Ukraine is not hidden from anyone, while China is at war with India, Japan and Australia. America has also threatened military action against China regarding Taiwan.


Navy turns a blind eye to the arrival of warships from other countries

In the joint statement of the Quad, it was emphasized on the freedom of navigation in the Indo-Pacific region and especially in the South China Sea, that is, the navy of any country should have a free hand to be stationed here. Because in the South China Sea, the Chinese Navy looks at the arrival of warships of other countries.

The navies of India and Japan also participate in the annual Malabar exercise. The navies of the four quad countries i.e. India, Japan, America and Australia participate in the Malabar exercise. China has objected many times to this naval exercise of the navies of the four quad countries. But in the joint statement of the Quad countries issued on Monday, pointing to China, it was clearly said that the four Quad countries would follow the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) of the United Nations and navigation in the South and East China Sea. and will help maintain the freedom of overflight. Without naming China, the statement said that it would strongly oppose any such provocative or one-sided action in the region that would try to change the status quo.

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