Supreme Court notice to Uttarakhand government on the bail of Wasim Rizvi alias Jitendra Tyagi


SC On Waseem Rizvi Bail Plea: The Supreme Court has issued a notice on the bail plea of ??Jitendra Narayan Tyagi alias Waseem Rizvi, arrested in the inflammatory speech case. The matter will come up for hearing on Tuesday, May 17. Tyagi, who became a Hindu by converting, is accused of giving objectionable speeches against Islam and the Prophet in the Parliament of Religions held in Haridwar. He was arrested on 13 January.

Earlier on March 8, the Uttarakhand High Court had refused to release Tyagi on bail. Senior advocate Siddharth Luthra appeared for him before a bench of Supreme Court Justices Ajay Rastogi and Vikram Nath. Luthra argued that on March 6, the charge sheet has been filed in the lower court in the case. In such a situation, there is no need to keep the accused in custody now. He also said that his client has health problems. He is troubled by the problem of chest pain.


On this, Justice Rastogi, the chairman of the bench, while giving advice said- “What is this Dharma Sansad? It is good that all the communities live together. It is wrong to disturb the atmosphere in this way.” The counsel for Jitendra Tyagi alias Waseem Rizvi said that he personally agrees with the view of the judges. Here h is argument is on the legal aspect. Now the accused should be released from custody.


The lawyer of Nadeem Ali, who had given a complaint to the police in the Hindu Dharma Sansad case held in Haridwar between December 17 and 19, opposed the demand for bail. He said, “These people are not worried about the law. This accused has said provocative things many times. He gave a controversial speech on December 18. After that on December 28 again released the video saying similar things.”

On this, the bench asked that in the sections in which the case has been registered, what is the maximum punishment. Lawyers for both sides told that the punishment could be up to 3 years. On this, Justice Rastogi said, “It is a case of 3 years imprisonment. The charge sheet has also been filed. The accused is in jail for more than 4 months. Now what more investigation is pending in this case?”

The judges asked whether any lawyer on behalf of the Uttarakhand government was present in the court. We are issuing notice in the matter. A lawyer on behalf of the state government accepted the notice. Justice Rastogi once again reiterated that the need for investigation by keeping the accused in custody in the case no longer appears. After this, the court fixed the date of hearing on May 17.

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