Supreme Court refuses to interfere on Gyanvapi Masjid case, read 5 big things of hearing


Gyanvapi Case: The Supreme Court, while hearing the Gyanvapi Masjid case, has sent it to the Varanasi District Court. Now the District Judge will see all the matters related to the trial. The interim order of the Supreme Court will remain in force for eight weeks. The Supreme Court had issued an interim order of 8 weeks on 17 May. The Supreme Court has also directed the District Magistrate of Varanasi to make arrangements for Wazhu in the mosque. Know five big things about the Supreme Court’s decision.

  1. During the hearing, Justice Chandrachud said that there are three suggestions for what we can do at this time. First, let us say that the trial court should dispose of the application. Second, we have passed an interim order, which will remain in force till the order of the trial court is passed. Third, this issue is very complex and sensitive, we are of the opinion that a district judge should hear it. We are not questioning the trial judge, but in such cases an experienced person is better.
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  3. On the leak of the commission’s report, the court said that the report should have gone to the court. There shouldn’t have been a leak in the media. The court said that we will pass an order in this regard that the selective leak of the survey report should be stopped.
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  5. Justice Chandrachud said that there is another way. You (Muslim side) have challenged the order of appointment of the commissioner, if we dispose of the SLP then that order will be final. But if you fail to challenge Order 7 Rule 11 then we can keep this SLP pending, we can hear this SLP after vacation. The Supreme Court said that “the need for fraternity and peace among communities is paramount for the court”.
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  7. Justice Chandrachud said that these are complex social problems, the suggested solution of a person cannot be perfect. Our order is to maintain peace and order to some extent. We are here on a joint mission to maintain the spirit of unity in the country.
  8. The Supreme Court made it clear that the order to preserve the alleged Shivling in the middle of the pond of the mosque complex would continue, but it should not disturb the right of Muslims to offer prayers in the mosque. The Supreme Court ordered the DM of Banaras to make adequate arrangements for Wazhu in the mosque. The next hearing of the case will take place in the second week of July.

petition filed by Muslim side
Let us tell you that the petition has been filed in the Supreme Court on behalf of the Muslim side. They say that there is no justification for conducting a survey in the mosque. At the same time, the Hindu side has also filed its reply on this today. Advocate Vishnu Jain, appearing for the Hindu side, told the Supreme Court that the Gyanvapi Masjid in Varanasi is not a mosque, as Aurangzeb had not passed any order to form a waqf on this land to hand over the land to a Muslim or a body of Muslims. It is worth noting that recently, the Supreme Court had said in its order that where ‘Shivling’ has been said to be found, ensure its safety. Also, Muslims were allowed to offer Namaz.

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