Take care of oral health in pregnancy, so that the risk of premature delivery is less


Pregnancy and Oral Health: Pregnancy is such a phase, in which the care of the mother to be born is very important. To keep the health of the child and mother better, special care is taken from food to routine and medicines. But do you know that taking care of oral health during pregnancy is also very important. Negligence taken in this can prove to be bad not only for the health of the mother, but also for the child.

Most of the people do not pay attention to the care of teeth. It is enough for them to brush twice, morning and night. On the other hand, if we talk about pregnancy, then during this time the woman is so much entangled in her physical and mental problems that she gets less attention on other things. efhealthcare

According to this, if oral health is taken care of during pregnancy, then the chances of the child being born prematurely and with low birth weight are less.


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Dental problems increase in pregnancy
About 70% of women have to face gum problems during pregnancy. This is known as pregnancy gingivitis. If ignored for a long time, this gingivitis can also become the cause of serious diseases later on. Actually, during pregnancy, the hormone level in the body changes rapidly, due to which the blood flow in the gums increases. This causes swelling and increased sensitivity in the gums. Women face pain in brushing teeth during this time and due to this, food particles trapped in the teeth and growing bacteria damage the oral health. Apart from this, due to the formation of gas and acidity in the stomach, the tooth enamel becomes weak.

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the health of the child is affected
Pregnancy gingivitis is dangerous not only for the mother but also for the unborn child. Because of this, problems like miscarriage, premature delivery, low birth weight, besides brain injury, loss of vision or hearing loss in the baby can also develop. Therefore, to take care of the health of both mother and child, it is very important to pay attention to food and lifestyle oral health.

How to avoid pregnancy gingivitis
The gums become sensitive during pregnancy, so use a soft brush.
Make sure to floss once or twice a day as per the advice given by the dentist.
Avoid eating sweet things. These can increase the problem of bacteria by sticking to the teeth.
Use mouthwash during pregnancy as per the advice of the dentist.
Tell the dentist about your pregnancy and take appropriate treatment.

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