Taking calcium pill without medical test may increase the risk of heart attack – Study


In today’s lifestyle, due to irregular eating habits, usually after the age of 30, bones start weakening. In such a situation, it has been seen many times that there is slight bone pain, joint pain or muscle spasm. People start taking calcium supplements or calcium tablets on their own without doing any medical checkup. Because they feel that it is necessary for the strength of bones. Let us tell you that calcium is a mineral, which not only keeps bones, teeth healthy, but is also necessary to keep away problems related to nerves, heart, muscles, blood.


News published in Daily Mail Report According to a new study, it has been claimed that taking calcium without getting a medical test can be dangerous. This risk becomes especially high when you are not taking the necessary vitamin-D to absorb it in the body.

How did the study happen?


The study was done on 2,650 people in Britain. According to which the risk of death due to heart attack in adults with calcium tablets is about one third, or 33%, higher than that of normal people. It was told in the study that if calcium taken separately is not absorbed in the body, then it can completely block the opening of the aortic valve inside the heart. The conclusion of this study is in the medical journal ‘Heart’. published Has been done.


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Along with this, their ability to open and close is affected due to the layer of calcium on the stenosis valve leaflets. This reduces the oxygenated blood flow in the body. Researchers from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio, USA, who followed up patients for 5 years, found that the risk of dying from heart problems was doubled if they did not take vitamin D along with it. Earlier in 2010, a report in the British Medical Journal reported that the rate of heart attack was significantly higher in those who took calcium. Then in 2019, Tufts University scientists analyzed the records of 27,000 American adults and found a link between high doses of calcium and cancer.

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Natural calcium is best
Calcium is essential for bones and teeth. Its deficiency can cause rickets in children. Let us tell you that rickets is a condition that affects the development of bones in children, which later leads to osteomalacia and osteoporosis. Therefore, to meet the deficiency of calcium, one should go towards its natural source. It is readily available in dairy products, green leafy vegetables and some fish.

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