The best means of self-cleaning is yoga and meditation, practice like this daily


Yoga Session With Savita Yadav: Apart from your mental and physical health, yoga and meditation are also important for your spiritual health. Often we focus more on the asanas, but do not pay attention to its rules and rules of social behavior like truth, non-violence, self-study, which are very important for a better life. Actually, the best way to study yourself is meditation. It does the work of daily cleansing of your mind. While asanas and pranayama help in detoxifying your body.

Today we will focus on such yoga practice and pranayama which can benefit you in every way. Let us tell you that health is wealth and it is necessary to keep the body healthy to take advantage of wealth or to enjoy life. With these information today in the Facebook Live sessi on of News18 Hindi Yoga Instructor Savita Yadav

(Savita Yadav) taught to practice many yogasanas and gave information about the importance of yoga.

practice like this

To do the asanas, first of all sit on your mat and while taking a deep breath, focus on the sound of your breath. Now chant the word Om and pray. Keep in mind that inhale and exhale in a rhythmic manner.

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-Stand up straight and put your hand on the waist, once on the paw and once on the heel. Do this 20 times. Now lift one leg high and take it backwards. Then bring the foot forward in the same way. Do this 20 times. This will strengthen the muscles of the legs and hips.


To practice sitting, sit on the mat in the posture of Malasana and walk back and forth. If you are not able to sit then take the support of the hand. If you have knee pain, do not sit like this. The stomach will be clean and the abdominal organs will work better.

In the next exercise, now walk in the crow’s move. For this, sit in Malasan posture and move forward by pressing the knees.

For the next exercise, sit on the mat in Malasan posture and press the knees back on both sides with the elbows while making the posture of Pranam. Stay in this posture for some time. You can watch this video to see in detail.

Now sit on the mat with the feet straight forward and move your toes back and forth. Rotate the claws after 10 cycles.

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Now in this posture, hold the knees of one leg well with the hands and lower them up while inhaling and exhaling upwards. Keep in mind that the waist and neck remain straight. Now do the same with the other leg.

Now once straighten the legs forward and with counting, fold the legs and sit down. Complete 10 such cycles.
Now mix both the soles and practice the butterfly posture. It reduces stiffness of the feet and strengthens the leg muscles.,

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