The building was standing on the land of Lal Dore in Mundka, fire safety certificate was not received


Mundka Fire Buidling NOC: A massive fire broke out in a building in Delhi’s Mundka on Friday, killing 27 people. After this accident, about 29 people are said to be missing. At the same time, 12 people are fighting for life in the hospital. This incident has raised serious questions on the measures to be adopted for fire safety in the capital of the country.


It has been learned that due to negligence in the construction of the building and keeping the rules on hold, this major accident happened. The building had neither a fire safety certificate nor an MCD certificate. It has been learned from the sources that the place where this building was built is the land of Lal Dore, the land of the village. No commercial activity of any kind is allowed here.


The building did not get the fire safety certificate
In 2016, MCD had given commercial license here. In 2017, MCD canceled the license when someone complained. But business activity continued here. Then in 2019, the monitoring committee formed by the Supreme Court ordered the sealing of this building and imposed a penalty. The MCD took the penalty and submitted it to the monitoring committee. The Monitoring Committee did not give any order to de-seal it, but still business activity continued here. There is no map of this building even near. This building was not given NOC from MCD. Despite this, this illegal building stood here for years.


Delhi Police arrested two people by registering an FIR
Delhi Police has registered an FIR in this matter. The FIR has been registered under section 304/308/120b/34 of IPC. At present, the police have arrested two owners of this assembling unit/manufacturing unit, Harish Goyal and Varun Goyal. Both are real brothers and were present inside the factory when the accident happened yesterday. He was taking a meeting of his staff. Apart from this, the police is looking for the owner of this building, whose name is Manish Lakra. Manish lived with the family on the third floor of this building.

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